Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Ghosts of the Princes, Valeriu

The Ghosts of the Princes, Valeriu
The story is a tragic one. Tiberiu and his brother Lóránt were Duke Valentin Valeriu’s only sons. The two princes were very competitive with each other. Each one trying to outdo the other. Tiberiu was engaged to marry  Irina the daughter of a merchant. She was an amazing beauty. Lóránt secretly coveted his brothers bride to be. So he began to plot against him. With the aid of Grigori Yefimovich, he arraigned for Tiberiu to accompany his father on the expedition to Moldoveanu Peak. Through Grigori Yefimovich’s contacts he intercepted letters from the royal family on the expedition. Substituting his own. Ending with the false report of Tiberiu's death. This crushed Irina. She sought comfort in the arms of Lóránt. Scantily a month later they were married.
It was soon after this that, Tiberiu and his father returned home to quite a shock, and scandal. Of course the brothers were immediately at odds. Ending with a duel of swords upon the battlements of the castle. It is there that Lóránt struck down his brother, killing him. With this he felt all was right. His father was furious with him. But desired not to lose another son. So chose to overlook this heinous crime. Irina on the other hand could not bear the lies, deceit, and evil perpetrated by her now husband. Helped by Grigori Yefimovich she took a fatal dose of poison. Choosing to die, rather than be with Lóránt. This infuriated Lóránt, as all he had done was for nothing. He sank into a deep depression. He began drinking heavily. A few weeks later he climbed to the battlement where he had killed his brother. Full of remorse and sadness he leapt to his doom. Leaving their lone sister Tatiana as the heir to the throne.
It is said that the brothers spirits still wander the land. Lóránt helping people in need, trying to make up for his sins. While the ghost of Tiberiu has been seen stalking the battlements looking for his brother. His rage turned to madness. He attacks any male he comes across thinking he is his brother.

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