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Căminar Claudiu Radu

Căminar Claudiu Radu
Claudiu Radu is the Căminar (Tax collector/Village Head) of Vidra. He is a trusted friend of the royal family and of the common people. Fair and just he has earned the respect of all in Vidra.
Claudiu is also a man of many secrets. His daughter Liliana is thought to become one with the Fey. During the festival of Sânziene she, as other girls was possessed by the sânziene fairy spirits. The next day after all the other girls who participated in the solstice were quite normal. But not Liliana. She was transformed by the melding. Changing from a plain girl, to a strikingly beautiful woman. Speaking in languages of the fey. It is thought by many locals that she is a good omen and that she may have the powers of precognition. The truth of the situation is far different.
On a routine trip to the Volka Woods with Liliana, to cut wood. They came across a strange happening. In the center of the woods which they had never been. There was a great deal of chopping. Thinking that they had found other wood cutters. They emerged from the brush to a frightful site. A gang of putrid corpses were in the midst of cutting down a mighty oak. Their axes and broadswords strikes ringing with a deadly tone. They were seemingly lend by a black figure. Draped in a long tattered hooded cloak. Its face obscured by a seemingly black void. It held a beautiful maiden by the throat. As he dropped her, simultaneously the tree fell. He seemed to disappear into the darkness. But the zombies advanced on them. Claudiu managed to destroy them. But not before one had placed a slowly fatal blow on his daughter. He prayed to save the life of his daughter and this stranger. Veles answered his call. Raising from below the ground, before Claudiu. He offered him a deal. He would save his daughter and the dryad, but he would have to guard the trunk of this tree with his life. For it would be intersected with the life of his daughter. To lose the wood, would be to lose his daughter. But becoming the protector would curse him for life. He gladly accepted. Vele instructed him to cut the tree in half a cubit above the zombies cut. When that is done, your daughter and the stranger will be saved. Claudiu did this, and after his toll looked over. Liliana and the dryad had become one. This was quite astonishing. But he had not the time to marvel. As it was getting close to dark. They retrieved the horse and brought the log home.
It was that night that he discovered his half of the bargain. As he transformed into a vârcolac. (werewolf) In this form he haunts the night around the the village of Vidra. Fortunately he has found victims, not of the village. But the undead that seem drawn to the village. Or to be more exact, to the dryads log. The undead seem to prowl the village every night. Recently a mysterious man dressed in a tattered black cloak has been spotted just outside of town. This man is the same from the day of the tree felling. He is a long lost soul that made a deal with Veles for eternal life. Which he was granted. Though not in the manner he wanted. He was transformed into a Wraith. He cursed Veles and wandered the earth. Finally Veles offered him a way to shake the form he was shackled to. Find a virgin dryad to sacrifice and her tree. This is all a sick game by Veles. As he is the one creating the largest obstacles to this goal.

Claudiu Radu, Căminar/Vârcolac (Lycanthrope, Werewolf)
AC: 14
HD: 3 ST: 16
Attacks: Bite or Claw
Special: Lycanthropy
Move: 12
HDE/XP: 4/120
Only affected by silver or magical weapons, Claudiu changes every night at sunset to his wolven form, and transforms back at dawn.

Undead, Wraith
AC: 16
HD: 4 ST: 15
Attacks: Touch (See below)
Special: See below
Move: 24
HDE/XP: 6/400
Wraiths are powerful wights, immune to all non-magical weapons other than
silver ones (which inflict only half damage). Arrows are particularly ineffective
against them, for even magical and silver arrows inflict only one hit point of
damage per hit. They drain 1 level per hit.

Claudiu’s Daughter (Fae, Dryad)
AC: 14
HD: 2 ST: 17*
Attacks: Dagger, wooden
Special: Charm Person
Move: 12
HDE/XP: 2/60
Dryads are beautiful female tree spirits, and do not venture far from their home
trees. They can cast (as a native magical power) a strong charm that operates as
a Charm Person spell with a -2 saving throw. Those who are charmed seldom
return, or might be kept for a hundred years and a day within the dryad’s tree.
Dryads can be turned (when they will return to their tree) but not destroyed
unless their tree is also destroyed.

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