Sunday, October 25, 2015


    With a thunderous right, my knuckles crush the mooks jaw. A left round house knocks his buddy for a loop. The third and final crook gets an upper cut that lifts him off the ground before gravity takes over and slams him to the floor.

    As I said before Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic uses a system derived from S&W. How is one of the ways its different? It used a dual wound track. What I mean by that is it has Bruise hit points, and Lethal hit points. When you reach 0 bruise points your knocked out. Reach 0 lethal points your dead. All hand to hand melee combat does bruise damage. Lethal weapons do lethal and bruise. So for example a short sword does 1d6/1d6.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

More thoughts on classes

    So I've been thinking and lamenting about classes. The gadget vigilante. Its doesn't fit with the game. I mean it way could be used for creating a Sand Man character with a gas gun. But it could also be used for creating the Rocketeer. Which is a fave of mine. But totally not what the games really about. So I think I'm gonna cut that part out. I will still totally have the empowered part of the class. Just not the Gadget vigilante.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Noir Mystery Men, Classes

Two Fisted Vigilante
The Two Fisted Vigilante has honed their body through special training, vocation, or are naturally gifted. They fight crime and the supernatural using their natural gifts. Being it fists, blade, bow, or pistol.

Gadget Vigilante/Empowered Vigilante
The Gadget Vigilante uses technology built by themselves, or given to them to fight crime and the supernatural. These gadgets could be as big a jetpack that give the power of flight. Or a simple as a sleeping gas gun.
The Empowered vigilante is built the same way. Except their powers are derived from a magically enchanted object. Perhaps a ring, amulet, belt, cloak, or sword. Or they directly gained magical powers that are now inherent to their bodies.

The magician is a spell caster. They come in many guises and trappings. Some fancy themselves as a mesmerist, as occult magicians, or as religious chosen ones. As well as many others.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The smashing together of genre

    So I was thinking (Yeah, I know I'm scared too) whats the easiest way the describe Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic? Take one part The Continental Op. from the Red Harvest. Combine that with John Constatine. Then top it off with The Shadow.

    Or another way of thinking of it would be, Mike Hammer, Zatanna, and The Phantom.

    Or another way, Doc Savage, Raylan Givens, and Mandrake the Magician.

So, something to chew on anyways

Friday, October 16, 2015

Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic

Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic is a game of action, crime, betrayal, strangeness, ambivalence, brutality, and cruelty. Set in a dark 1930’s, where black magic and evil ooze secretly from the cracks. The majority of people do not know about his, or would believe it if they were told. But you know better. Using your gifts, be it your hands, gadgets, enchanted object, or magic. You fight what could be a losing battle. For this world is very noir. When things are going good, it's bound to turn bad. If its bad its going to get worse.
This is not a “pulpy” game. You will not find intelligent apes piloting zeppelins, battling nazi squid. But it does include pulp elements as they are firmly intertwined with hard boiled detective fiction and film noir. Take that and combine it with “street level” mystery men, with a deadly dose of secret black magic. That is Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic

This is my quick pitch for the game I've been working on. The system is S&W that has been taken to the anvil and hammered into the shape I like. Very different, yet very the same. More stuff on this to come.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Little bit of fiction from a current project

    My left hook connected with the mooks jaw with a terrible crunch. As he fell into a pile at my feet. I leap and shot a right at the gun hand of his buddy, knocking the revolver from it. Quickly swinging a left uppercut. I gave him a shot that knocked him off his feet and to the ground.
    I looked at the last man left in the melee. Clad in a pinstripe suit, he was clearly a cut above his associates.
    "Theirs two ways this can go, the hard way or..."
    "Yes! Yes!" The man in the suit proclaimed. "Or the easy way. Your word play is as simple as your fists brute!"
    I cracked my knuckles, "Lets see how ambercrombie your feeling after I knock your lights out!"
    "Please you neither have aptitude nor the means to do so." he retorted waving his fingers at me, mumbling under his breathe.
    It was then I felt kinda funny. Kinda tingly, and then pain as every muscle in my body tensed at once. My joints locked tight. I fall over like a statue.
    "An egg like you never had a chance against a gentleman such as myself. Now to cure you of the precarious condition we know as life." says the man in the suit. Producing a dagger from his jacket. The daggers black blade covered in red painted runes.
    "Do not worry, in death you may be even more useful than in life." He says with a smile, walking over to me.
    Suddenly a single gunshot rings out. The smile fades from his face, as a red splotch grows out his fancy tie. With wide eyes he falls to the ground. The tingling begins to dull, I feel like I can almost move. I look to my right. To see a man in a domino mask, placing his gat back into his trench coat. He gives a care free wave, then touching his belt disappears.
    "The Lake View Ghost strikes again. One of these days I'm gonna catch up with him, and buy him a beer." I say laughing.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Last Chances

Being in a horror frame of mind, and why not being October and all. Jack Shear is reminding people he is taking down his PDF's for Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque books. You should go download them. They are tomes of awesome, and are chock full of good stuff.