Friday, October 16, 2015

Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic

Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic is a game of action, crime, betrayal, strangeness, ambivalence, brutality, and cruelty. Set in a dark 1930’s, where black magic and evil ooze secretly from the cracks. The majority of people do not know about his, or would believe it if they were told. But you know better. Using your gifts, be it your hands, gadgets, enchanted object, or magic. You fight what could be a losing battle. For this world is very noir. When things are going good, it's bound to turn bad. If its bad its going to get worse.
This is not a “pulpy” game. You will not find intelligent apes piloting zeppelins, battling nazi squid. But it does include pulp elements as they are firmly intertwined with hard boiled detective fiction and film noir. Take that and combine it with “street level” mystery men, with a deadly dose of secret black magic. That is Noir Mystery Men, That Old Black Magic

This is my quick pitch for the game I've been working on. The system is S&W that has been taken to the anvil and hammered into the shape I like. Very different, yet very the same. More stuff on this to come.

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