Friday, March 30, 2007

Modern Ruins

I just have to share this by archiving it here. Its a site called "Modern Ruins". It has all kinds of interesting photos. Some of which would be fantastic fooder for a post apoc campaign.

Wild West Game Pt2

Well its been a while since I've been able to post. Been real busy with real life. But let me tell you about the wild west campaign I've been running. Ive been useing Unisystem for it. The all Flesh Must Be Eaten books to be specific. The whole time I've been telling the players. That there will be no zombies. Because I wanted it to be a surprise when they do encounter them. So they have gone through a series of adventures. They have gone through and made many enemies. To tell you all a little about them. They are playing a band of outlaws. That came together in persuit of a big payday by a crime boss. They had to retrieve the head of a man for the crime boss. If you are wondering, yes I did base this off the classic movie "Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia". Well they accomplished this task. This brought them in the good graces of the Crime boss Alejo. He then commissioned them (so to speak) to rob a stage coach. They were to bring a Alejo a gold cross being transported by the stage. They rest of the silveer was theirs to keep as payment. But this was no ordinary stage coach. It is an armored one like in the "War Wagon". They were provided with the route and approximate time that it would begin its journey. Half way through the trip. The stage was to stop in the town of Carmine to swap horses. So the players decided to ambush the stage there. The characters decided that they didnt want the towns people to interfer. So they attemped genocide and killed all but two people in the town. Now I have to admit. I did not expect the players to take this plan of action. They laid in wait to ambush the stage at the town. They even sent people down the trail to harass the outriders that surely would accompany the stage. But neither group encountered any one. As unkown to the players the people who escape had informed the owner of the stage Jake Rosco (who is also a crime boss) and the marshall (whos in the pocket of Rosco). So the cross had been sent a different way. Both of these bosses are desperate to get this cross for some rteason. Anyways the group decides to go to were the cross was coming from. Which was a mine that Rosco owned. As the rumor was that the cros had been found at the dig. They went the there and encountered Roscos men as well as chinese that were damn near slaves. They proceeded to kill all of them. but still no cross. They returned empty handed to Alejo. He was furious and almost had them killed, but kicked them out of his compound instead. Never to be trust or employed again. Possibly to be dealt with later. As his main concern was this cross at the moment. Well the group decided that maybe they would switch sides. And work for Rosco. So they went to the town that he ran. When they encountered him. One of the players characters had a beef with this guy from their past. he attempted to kill him. Which embroiled the group in a gun battle in the saloon they are in. During this are attacked by Roscos special guard. Which appear to be some of the people they killed in carmine. When they were killed in Carmine they crazy indian character in their group had cut off all their heads. So in place of their head on these individuals was a gourd. So a long drawn out battle takes place. All of their attacks against Rosco seem ineffective. There seems to be something weird about him. Further proved by him changing to a lightning like energy bolt and blasting through the ceiling to escape. The group escapes out the back of the saloon. But out front a group of thirty to forty towns people and gourd head have assembled. They are armed and ready for battle. Thats where we left off.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I just added a new Gundam movie to my collection. Chars Counter Attack. I love Gundam stuff. Perticularly the Universal Century timeline, universe. I wish their was an offical Gundam RPG. I was reading something by a guy. He was talking about how a Gundam RPG will never happen because of all the insane licensing. And general legal paper work that would be involved. This is also the reason the fan guides that were put out by Guardians of Order. While being very detailed. Include no plot hooks or that sort of info. I wish I could find a link to this guys conversation. As he obviously states the reasoning better than I. It makes me want to do a Gundam campaign. I'm not sure what system. Maybe BESM, or even D20. I wish I had Mekton Z. From the sounds of it. That might be an ideal system to do it with. Something I may have to look into. I would reallt like to do a campaign useing the "The 08th MS Team" as the background. Thats probably one of my favorite gundam series.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adventures of the Space Force

I was cruising youtube today and found something amusing. Its a short film called Adventures of the Space Force. Its a goofy spoof of 50's sci-fi movie/tv serials. It was produced by Gaucho Pictures. They have some other films but I have not gotten a chance to veiw them. But the space force amuses me. :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boondock Saints

Click on the pic. Just a neat little thinger I found on the net and wanted to share. (That and I'm to lazy/tired to lay down something fun, and or intelligent)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mike Mignola

Ive been a Mike Mignola fan for a long time. I didnt even know that till recently. I've been a hellboy fan for a while. Before the movie and cartoons. You band wagon jumpers. (I do enjoy both though) But a month or two ago. In previews I saw the reprinting of this advertised. Fritz Lieber's Fafhard and the Grey Mouser. I had this graphic novel a long time ago. (It still may be stashed somewhere at my parents house.) I always thought it was really cool. Maybe thats why I was drawn to hell boy. Why it seemed so familiar and new at the same time. Further proof its a small world.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thundarr the Babarian

I was cruiseing the intar-web about week ago and came across something I had not seen since I was a kid. Thundarr the Barbarian. Man that was a fun show. Even as a boy I enjoyed the whole post apocalyptic genre. Besides the show exemplified bad ass. I mean literally this is a line from the show. As the group is starting down a magic bridge created by the princess. The groundlings (Rat people) attack on motorcycles provided by a wizard. "Ookla take her to saftey. Their cant be more than fifty. I'll be fine." Now thats badass you have to be born with. You cant buy that kind of bad ass in stores!
I think thundar would be a fun RPG. You could use GURPS or some other universal system. Or change Rifts into a Thundarr game. But I think it really deserves its own book and treatment. I found on the web a Thundarr game. it appears to be a modified version of Over the edge. Which seems to be a modified/complicated version of risus. Now not that theres any thing wrong with either. I just dont care for them as much as other systems. I personally need a little more crunch or as I like to say meat to a system. But thats my opinion. But a dedicated hardcover book would be sweet. Probably only me and three other people would buy it. But we four would be ultra happy campers.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Clutch Show

I dont have much time to lay down a blog today. I'm going to see Clutch. If you dont know who they are they are one of the best bands out there. Check'em out.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Monkey Thunder Dome

Do know whats better than betting on cock fighting? Betting on monkeys locked in mortal combat with switch blades, thats what! The picture was drawn by Frank Cho. (Who by the way if you dont know is friggin awesome, check out his site.) This pic has inspired my roomate and I. Thats right we're digging a pit in the basement for monkey combat. Its gonna be great. Just gotta figure out how to keep the amish under control. They love to bet on animal combat. Not to mention after a pint of whisky they can get kind of squirrelly. I figure we'll go down to the tractor supply store and get some cattle prods. That should keep man and beast in line. I got to go, but remember one thing. First rule of Monkey Thunder Dome, dont talk about Monkey Thunder Dome!

Wild West Game

So I've been running a Wild West campaign for my game group. Things are about to get real interesting for them. Man I want to tell you all about it. But I cant go into details. As my players lurk the net and may be reading this. But it will be interesting. I will update you folks when the cats out of the bag.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Big Idea of the Big Lebowski

I was talking with some people the other day about RPG's. When I had a brain storm. Or at least a light drizzle. You know what movie could provide the basis for a fun one shot or series of short adventures? The Big Lebowski. It could be so crazy fun. Stumbling into goofy adventures. Even if every thing came to a halt or went off track. Hey lets go bowling! All the characters would be semi normal people. No ex-navy seals, or Bill Gates style millionaire's. Just normal joes. Everyones character would have to have a bowling skill. Other than that just normal folks. With skill sets from their normal lives. If any thing this may be a game would be one that has a low number of skills. Or skills low in power level. Characters depending on their wits.
I think it would be a fun little distraction. Not the thing for a long term campaign. But it could be just the thing to play between more serious material.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Blog entry coming soon. No really, I swear. I had such fantastic ideas of what I was going to write about. Then I got home from work and my brain turned to mush. I'm sure this is just a passing malady. Stay tuned faithful readers. there really is more to come.