Thursday, March 15, 2007

Monkey Thunder Dome

Do know whats better than betting on cock fighting? Betting on monkeys locked in mortal combat with switch blades, thats what! The picture was drawn by Frank Cho. (Who by the way if you dont know is friggin awesome, check out his site.) This pic has inspired my roomate and I. Thats right we're digging a pit in the basement for monkey combat. Its gonna be great. Just gotta figure out how to keep the amish under control. They love to bet on animal combat. Not to mention after a pint of whisky they can get kind of squirrelly. I figure we'll go down to the tractor supply store and get some cattle prods. That should keep man and beast in line. I got to go, but remember one thing. First rule of Monkey Thunder Dome, dont talk about Monkey Thunder Dome!

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