Sunday, March 25, 2007


I just added a new Gundam movie to my collection. Chars Counter Attack. I love Gundam stuff. Perticularly the Universal Century timeline, universe. I wish their was an offical Gundam RPG. I was reading something by a guy. He was talking about how a Gundam RPG will never happen because of all the insane licensing. And general legal paper work that would be involved. This is also the reason the fan guides that were put out by Guardians of Order. While being very detailed. Include no plot hooks or that sort of info. I wish I could find a link to this guys conversation. As he obviously states the reasoning better than I. It makes me want to do a Gundam campaign. I'm not sure what system. Maybe BESM, or even D20. I wish I had Mekton Z. From the sounds of it. That might be an ideal system to do it with. Something I may have to look into. I would reallt like to do a campaign useing the "The 08th MS Team" as the background. Thats probably one of my favorite gundam series.

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Antonio said...

I started a Gundam campaign 5 years ago, and it lasted for three years. It has been one of the most satisfying I ever did, the UC timeline is so full of ideas that can be mined for all kinds of modern games, from spy stories, to combat, etc.
I started by using the Cyberpunk 2020 rules plus the Deep Space supplement. It worked nicely, but then, I moved to Jovian Chronicles to try a different system, and it worked even better.