Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thundarr the Babarian

I was cruiseing the intar-web about week ago and came across something I had not seen since I was a kid. Thundarr the Barbarian. Man that was a fun show. Even as a boy I enjoyed the whole post apocalyptic genre. Besides the show exemplified bad ass. I mean literally this is a line from the show. As the group is starting down a magic bridge created by the princess. The groundlings (Rat people) attack on motorcycles provided by a wizard. "Ookla take her to saftey. Their cant be more than fifty. I'll be fine." Now thats badass you have to be born with. You cant buy that kind of bad ass in stores!
I think thundar would be a fun RPG. You could use GURPS or some other universal system. Or change Rifts into a Thundarr game. But I think it really deserves its own book and treatment. I found on the web a Thundarr game. it appears to be a modified version of Over the edge. Which seems to be a modified/complicated version of risus. Now not that theres any thing wrong with either. I just dont care for them as much as other systems. I personally need a little more crunch or as I like to say meat to a system. But thats my opinion. But a dedicated hardcover book would be sweet. Probably only me and three other people would buy it. But we four would be ultra happy campers.

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