Friday, March 30, 2007

Wild West Game Pt2

Well its been a while since I've been able to post. Been real busy with real life. But let me tell you about the wild west campaign I've been running. Ive been useing Unisystem for it. The all Flesh Must Be Eaten books to be specific. The whole time I've been telling the players. That there will be no zombies. Because I wanted it to be a surprise when they do encounter them. So they have gone through a series of adventures. They have gone through and made many enemies. To tell you all a little about them. They are playing a band of outlaws. That came together in persuit of a big payday by a crime boss. They had to retrieve the head of a man for the crime boss. If you are wondering, yes I did base this off the classic movie "Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia". Well they accomplished this task. This brought them in the good graces of the Crime boss Alejo. He then commissioned them (so to speak) to rob a stage coach. They were to bring a Alejo a gold cross being transported by the stage. They rest of the silveer was theirs to keep as payment. But this was no ordinary stage coach. It is an armored one like in the "War Wagon". They were provided with the route and approximate time that it would begin its journey. Half way through the trip. The stage was to stop in the town of Carmine to swap horses. So the players decided to ambush the stage there. The characters decided that they didnt want the towns people to interfer. So they attemped genocide and killed all but two people in the town. Now I have to admit. I did not expect the players to take this plan of action. They laid in wait to ambush the stage at the town. They even sent people down the trail to harass the outriders that surely would accompany the stage. But neither group encountered any one. As unkown to the players the people who escape had informed the owner of the stage Jake Rosco (who is also a crime boss) and the marshall (whos in the pocket of Rosco). So the cross had been sent a different way. Both of these bosses are desperate to get this cross for some rteason. Anyways the group decides to go to were the cross was coming from. Which was a mine that Rosco owned. As the rumor was that the cros had been found at the dig. They went the there and encountered Roscos men as well as chinese that were damn near slaves. They proceeded to kill all of them. but still no cross. They returned empty handed to Alejo. He was furious and almost had them killed, but kicked them out of his compound instead. Never to be trust or employed again. Possibly to be dealt with later. As his main concern was this cross at the moment. Well the group decided that maybe they would switch sides. And work for Rosco. So they went to the town that he ran. When they encountered him. One of the players characters had a beef with this guy from their past. he attempted to kill him. Which embroiled the group in a gun battle in the saloon they are in. During this are attacked by Roscos special guard. Which appear to be some of the people they killed in carmine. When they were killed in Carmine they crazy indian character in their group had cut off all their heads. So in place of their head on these individuals was a gourd. So a long drawn out battle takes place. All of their attacks against Rosco seem ineffective. There seems to be something weird about him. Further proved by him changing to a lightning like energy bolt and blasting through the ceiling to escape. The group escapes out the back of the saloon. But out front a group of thirty to forty towns people and gourd head have assembled. They are armed and ready for battle. Thats where we left off.

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