Sunday, July 29, 2007

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta 6

This was the final mission for the players in Nam. Their mission was to trek deep into Northern Vietnam. Then ambush a train carrying tanks to reinforce an NVA position. The characters were joined by an anti-tank expert. his name is Steve Ithmus. He brought with him his own missile system. Which Leroy correctly identified as a custom/improved version of the Russian AT-4 Spigot anti-tank missile. The team was dropped off in Northern Vietnam by helicopter. Then marched to the target area. Which is a train track that intersects with a highway (using that term loosely). Shortly into their journey they encountered a couple of mountain tribesmen. Which miss took the team as NVA and fired on them. The players returned fire (including Carlos throwing the infamous pocket watch.) and threw a grenade taking out the tribesmen. Carlos searched the bodies. He left the weapons and ammo. Taking a pocket watch he found. (and a foot Troy cut off the dead tribesman for Carlos to throw.) Starting his quest to gather mundane items to throw and hit people with. Anyways The characters moved on encountering a peckary several times. With carlos throwing the foot at it. Soon after the characters made camp for the night. They had no encounters that night or the rest of the way to the target area. Once they arrived they found four soldiers guarding the area. These guards were quickly dispatched by silenced submachinegun and rifle fire. They then prepped the area for the arrival of the train. They set up C4 under the tracks. Then claymores facing the train. Along with Steve setting up a position to fire on the train with his missile system. The characters waited til the third car of the four car train was over the C4. The explosion tipped over the tank on the third car. It also knocked the front end of the tank of the four car off. The tank on the second car, the truck on the first car, and the engine were fine. NVA were swarming over the cars and train. So the team detonated the claymores. This took about half the enemy out. Steve Slammed the tank on the last car with an anti-tank missile. He quickly began reloading the missile system. Troy tossed a grenade in to the cab of the engine taking a couple soldiers. The rest of the enemy was quickly dispatched by the rest of the team. Then the tank on the second car. Its turret started turning toward Steve. He quickly hit it with a missile. Leroy and Carlos, climbed up on it and threw in grenades finishing off any life left in it. A guy popped up in the truck in front of them on the first car. Troy struck him down. They had dispatched the train. Steve took out the truck and the engine with his last missiles. They left the target area and headed back to their LZ to be picked up. They encountered two farmers/villagers walking down a path. They saw the team. And as not to let their position to be given away. They eliminated them post haste. (Which is short hand for Leroy kicked one in the nuts. Then Troy cut the others arm off. Then stabbed and finished off the groin victim.) They then continued on. They once again encountered more farmers. But this time remained hidden. Therefore let the farmers pass with out incident. The characters moved till night and set up camp. They set up watches like normal. Good thing. For that night an NVA column passed by closely. The characters decided to ambush the column. Leroy, Troy, and Kane. Threw grenades. Well Leroy, Troy did. Kane Dropped his. (Rolled a one which is a critical failure in my games) So they blew up the majority of the column. Kane blew up several of them. Then the NVA survivors sprayed the jungle with machine gun fire and grenades. But were quickly subdued when Troy finished them off with a grenade. They pulled up camp and kept moved to the LZ. They waited their and were picked up. Returning once again to base.

This is the last adventure the group will have in the Nam era. They are now moving on to 1976. As SAD operators for the CIA in Angola. I have asked the players to write a short history of what they did between Nam and Angola. Did they stay in the military? Become mercs? Get a normal job? Drop out of society? Join a martial arts school? It doesn't have to be anything long. But to give me at least a paragraph. But to feel free to write more. With their permission I would like to post them here. We'll see what happens. To those reading this. Posting it here is not mandatory so if you don't want me to that's fine. But its kind of been the game log so I thought it would fit.

(100 nerd points to whoever can tell me who Steve Istmus will turn out to be when they meet him again in the future.)

Next session Angola Visions of Futures Past.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The unused Nam pics file

This sunday will be the last Nam adventure. Before the characters move on to their next time period. So I though I would put up some of the pics in my nam archive.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta 5,1/2

Well there wasnt a game this sunday as I was recovering from my buddies yearly shindig. Good Times! The Saga continues this weekend though.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta 5

Last time the characters foiled an arms deal. Well the rest of there patrol was uneventful. They returned tot he base the same way they arrive at the patrol area. By PBR. Once back at the base they are rewarded with some long awaited R&R. They get a two day pass to Saigon. They get to Saigon, and check in to their hotel. From there they go to the nearest bar. To have some beers and fun. They find a bar with tables outside on the sidewalk. They sit down and encounter the owner/bartender. Who is a loud, arrogant individual. He brings them out some beers. Everyone agrees that his prices are high. But eventually pay. A whore walks up and propositions Leroy. After some haggling they agree on a price then go to the hotel next door. A short time later Leroy comes back to the table. No one else wants to enjoy the hooker. So she moves on. The bartender comes back out. They argue with him about the price of beer. Carlos breaks a bottle and holds it in a threatening manner. Leroy also tries to intimidate him. The bartender goes into a martial arts fighting stance. They (Leroy and the bartender) square off. The bartender throws a punch which Leroy luckily parries. He grabs the bartender and throws him into an arm bar. Forcing him to submit. And bring them free beers. As they enjoy the free beers. They see a jeep slowly pass by. It is being driven by a man who is dressed exactly like one out the arms dealers they encountered. Carlos takes the broken bottle from earlier and throws it at the tire of the jeep. Which promptly gets a flat. So the jeep stops a little ways down from the bar. Kane, Leroy, and Carlos walk down to check this guy out. They talk to him as he changes the tire on the jeep. He speaks in a germantic accent. He says his name is Gunther. And that he is part of the International Organization for Aid. As they speak to him Kane looks in the back of the jeep. There are two small crates with M.A.R.S. on them. He then moves around behind. He then punches him in the back of the head. This knocks the guy down. Then Kane drop kicks him knocking him out. The jeeps tire is still not changed so Carlos tries to fix it and fails miserably several times. Kane tries as well and cant get. Leroy shows up the white boys by finally fixing the tire. They then load up Gunter and take him back to their hotel room. They search him. Finding a map leading from the airport to somewhere. Then they tie him up to a chair and start interrogating him. He tells a few obvious lies. They then set him straight. He finally starts telling them what little he knows. He works for MARS. The map is because he's new. All he knows is hes transporting some crates to the I.O.A. warehouse. Meanwhile Timmy Oleary and Mathew are still at the bar drinking. As they drink another jeep pulls up with two guys dressed like the guy the others kidnapped. They call out to Timmy and Mathew in a german accent. Asking them if they have seen, their friend. They shamble over to the jeep. They quickly pull their pistols on them. One tries to lip off. But Timmy sticks his revolver in his mouth. Which stops that. They take them out of the jeep. Leaving it in the middle of the street. Walking them down to the hotel. They join the others. Timmy proceeds to start interrogating the new prisoners. They start telling obvious lies. This angers Timmy. So he pulls his pistol and shoots the guy in the head. The other become much more talkative after that. They tell them that they are warehousing weapons. They tell them the location etc. Everyone except Mathew goes to the warehouse. Mathew decides hes too drunk and wants to sleep. So he lays down. As a joke they tie one of the prisoners to his bed hes sleeping in. Shortly there after Mathew wakes up. Dismayed at the position they left him in. He takes one of the prisoner's as a guide. They go out side. An eight year old in a jeep pulls up. "Hey GI you need ride? 3.00 dollar. He excepts and they get in. They head to the warehouse. It is an old warehouse made out of corrugated steel sheets. There is an overhead door and a passage way door in the front . They hear some people talking inside but cant make out what they were saying. Twenty feet up at the top of the walls are glass windows. Timmy positions him self across the street with the jeep. Leroy and Carlos position themselves in front of the passage way door. Kane tries to scale some crates next to the building to get up high enough to see inside. But falls making a lot of racket. The door slowly opens. One of the Euros sticks his head out. Leroy kicks the door. Knocking the euro backward on his ass. Leroy then charges and tackles the euro. Who shoots him as hes tackled. As Leroy entered the warehouse Timmy gunned the jeep, then jumped out of it. Crashing in through the overhead door. This startled the boys as well as the two additional euros in the warehouse. Carlos followed right behind leroy and I quote "Boom, pocket watch to the brain". Carlos being a practitioner of Moo Gi Gong. Which basically turns any common item they find into a weapon. So he threw the pocket watch he found on a VC guerrilla. Striking the euro in the head. Timmy fired a shot at the guy who Carlos struck. Dropping him. The last guy fearing for his life gave up. Soon after that Kane came around to the front. Mathew came flying up to the warehouse. In the back of a jeep, that was being driven by an eight year old kid. They suspect that that is the jeep they left in the street by the bar. Mathew was guided there by one of the prisoners. Timmy circled around the building to makes sure there were no surprises. He caught a guy trying to run out the back. He quickly subdued him. The euro had a briefcase handcuffed to his arm. They proceeded to search the warehouse. Which they found weapons hidden in the food supplies. They loaded up the prisoner's and some evidence. Then took them to the nearest army command center. They gave a half true cock and bull story. Their superiors weren't happy about how they had handled things. But were glad they had uncovered this weapons dealing activity.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta 4

Well everybody showed up except one player. Which is ok. I would have rathered he had been there. Or contacted me differently. But what do you do? I should be able to work him in a at later date easy enough.

Anyways every bodies characters are as follows. They will be listed by class, name, and special equipment. Academy Officer, Mathew chamberlain, M-16, M-1911, and Binoculars; Veteran Grunt, Carlos Delgato, Sten Mk.IIS (Silenced), K-22 Combat Masterpiece Model 19 (.357 mag.), PRC-25 Radio; Veteran Grunt, Sgt. Kane, CAR-15, M-191, Pen Flares; Commando, Troy Gudell (I may have the last name wrong as I don't have the character in front of me), M-21, M-1911, Starlight Scope; Veteran Grunt, Leroy Brown, M-60, Signal Strobe Light.

Standard equipment that all players have is:
6, M-61 Fragmentation Grenade
2, AN-M8 or M18 Smoke Grenade
1, M-15 White Phosphorus Grenade
1, ABC-M7A2 or ABC-M7A3 Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile (CS) Grenade
2, M-18A1 "Claymore" Anti-Personnel Mine
Map in protective plastic
Blasting Caps (2 electric, 2 non-electric)
Dehydrated Rations
Water (2 quarts) and Purification tablets
Combat Knife
Fist Aid kit
Lensatic Compass
Insect Repellent
Camouflage Stick
Rope (6' length) for rappelling seat
2, Snap Links
Rope 40'
Heavy Duty Leather Gloves
Clothing Items (extra socks, poncho liner, and etc. Per personal load out)

8oz. of C4 Explosives
10' of Detonation Cord

The plan is for the group is to be sent into North Vietnam to meet a contact. This contact has information about an arms deal. This is a deal to secure weapons for their VC brethren in the south. But it is no ordinary government to government deal. This is different. They want the characters to get the info and respond to it. The group started off being dropped off in North Vietnam by a PBR (Patrol Boat, River). They traveled several kliks inland. When they encountered movement in the bush. Which turned out to be a tiger. Which wanted as little to do with them as they did with it. As they traveled further towards the target. Carlos was on point and triggered a booby trap. (He failed all his detect concealment rolls ect.) The trap consisted of 4oz of C4. Which detonated slightly wounding Carlos. They traveled closer to the contact point. When they encountered villagers passing by on a trail. They saw each other but neither didn't pay each other much mind. Finally they reached the contact point. They saw an set of old ruins. On and around which were several men. They were all armed. Well the players spread out and were nearly fired upon before using the identifying code word. Which quickly resolved any hostilities. They were then informed by their contact Tran Loc. That an outside weapons dealer is meeting with NVA forces. At a village 25 kliks from their current location. He gave them the date, time and coordinates of the meeting. They then parted ways. From their they started towards the village. On their journey they come across a couple villagers on a road. They interrogate the men. Leroy asks them some questions which they don't really have any answers. Then Troy trys what he believes is the universal language. He punches one of the villagers in the face. This being unsuccessful. Kane trys to charm/impress but at this point its to late. They end up letting th villagers on their way. (Unbenouced to them this was a bad move. As they inform the NVA to their presence.) Further on they encounter an NVA force in ambush positions. A fire fight ensues. Which the players come out on top of. They scavenge the bodies not finding much besides there rifles and a couple bags of rice. They continue onward to the target. A quiet journey save for Leroy almost falling in a pit full of punji stakes. They come to the village and take up positions around it. There is a trail leading into the south and into the north. At the entrances of these trails they sneak in and place claymores and C4. Then take up positions around the village. Some time later a jeep pulls into the village. In this jeep is four men all of them appear to be europeans. Three of them are dressed in blue button up shirts. The last one is dressed in a white button up shirt. He appears to be the leader of this group. He meets with the leader of the NVA. Which now seem to pour out of the buildings. The leaders talk and a couple crates are off loaded. Then the euro leader gives the NVA leader a strange looking pistol. The players engage the enemy with grenades. The Europeans that are not struck down in the grenade attack. Jump in the jeep and head north out of town. The players detonate a claymore taking out the jeep. As it flips over. They throw more grenades to finish off the jeep and crew. They all engage the rest of the soldiers finishing them off save for one that runs off into the jungle. They check the crates the euros off loaded. They found AK-47's with russians markings and others with M.A.R.S. stamped on that instead. Along with that they find some strange rocket pistols. (Which look like a single shot pistol with a rocket placed on it instead of a barrel.) They then track a blood trail to the north. This leads to the villages rice paddies. They move to the paddies to find a helicopter (Sikorsky S-55) lifting off. This is clearly the europeans. They fired on the chopper. There small arms seemed mostly ineffective. Till Kane used one of the rocket pistols they found. Which dropped the helo right there.
This concluded the session.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta 3

Well we made characters yesterday. It took the whole session/afternoon to do it. Which doesn't surprise me. As I have been telling people. Palladium games, especially Ninjas and Super Spies creating characters is a bit involved. But now we have that out of the way. So its smooth sailing from here. Like I told them now that is over we can focus on the game. One of the group couldn't show up. Due to prior commitments. I'm hoping to get his character squared away this week. Then hopefully play Sunday. Things are looking good! Cant wait to get rolling!