Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Days Present and Future Tense

My group hasnt been able to get together and play in like three weeks. Sunday Afternoon we play! The group has changed though. One of the players and I have had a falling out. So that leaves us a player short. I have it covered this week. But the next I dont know. I might have to change up what I have planned.

I have made a decision though. I'm gonna finish off this campaign using 3.5. But the next one we're gonna give 4e a run. Course I might get a chance to run 4e sooner. As some friends of mine game has fallen apart. They've lost members, and their DM (who is also a good friend of mine, whos game I used to play in.) is busy with his freelance business. So I though I would talk to them to see if they are interested in me running something for them. At least till their DM is able to run a steady game again.

So the future looks bright. Busy, but bright.