Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Big Idea of the Big Lebowski

I was talking with some people the other day about RPG's. When I had a brain storm. Or at least a light drizzle. You know what movie could provide the basis for a fun one shot or series of short adventures? The Big Lebowski. It could be so crazy fun. Stumbling into goofy adventures. Even if every thing came to a halt or went off track. Hey lets go bowling! All the characters would be semi normal people. No ex-navy seals, or Bill Gates style millionaire's. Just normal joes. Everyones character would have to have a bowling skill. Other than that just normal folks. With skill sets from their normal lives. If any thing this may be a game would be one that has a low number of skills. Or skills low in power level. Characters depending on their wits.
I think it would be a fun little distraction. Not the thing for a long term campaign. But it could be just the thing to play between more serious material.

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