Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Noir Mystery Men, Classes

Two Fisted Vigilante
The Two Fisted Vigilante has honed their body through special training, vocation, or are naturally gifted. They fight crime and the supernatural using their natural gifts. Being it fists, blade, bow, or pistol.

Gadget Vigilante/Empowered Vigilante
The Gadget Vigilante uses technology built by themselves, or given to them to fight crime and the supernatural. These gadgets could be as big a jetpack that give the power of flight. Or a simple as a sleeping gas gun.
The Empowered vigilante is built the same way. Except their powers are derived from a magically enchanted object. Perhaps a ring, amulet, belt, cloak, or sword. Or they directly gained magical powers that are now inherent to their bodies.

The magician is a spell caster. They come in many guises and trappings. Some fancy themselves as a mesmerist, as occult magicians, or as religious chosen ones. As well as many others.

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