Sunday, October 11, 2015

Little bit of fiction from a current project

    My left hook connected with the mooks jaw with a terrible crunch. As he fell into a pile at my feet. I leap and shot a right at the gun hand of his buddy, knocking the revolver from it. Quickly swinging a left uppercut. I gave him a shot that knocked him off his feet and to the ground.
    I looked at the last man left in the melee. Clad in a pinstripe suit, he was clearly a cut above his associates.
    "Theirs two ways this can go, the hard way or..."
    "Yes! Yes!" The man in the suit proclaimed. "Or the easy way. Your word play is as simple as your fists brute!"
    I cracked my knuckles, "Lets see how ambercrombie your feeling after I knock your lights out!"
    "Please you neither have aptitude nor the means to do so." he retorted waving his fingers at me, mumbling under his breathe.
    It was then I felt kinda funny. Kinda tingly, and then pain as every muscle in my body tensed at once. My joints locked tight. I fall over like a statue.
    "An egg like you never had a chance against a gentleman such as myself. Now to cure you of the precarious condition we know as life." says the man in the suit. Producing a dagger from his jacket. The daggers black blade covered in red painted runes.
    "Do not worry, in death you may be even more useful than in life." He says with a smile, walking over to me.
    Suddenly a single gunshot rings out. The smile fades from his face, as a red splotch grows out his fancy tie. With wide eyes he falls to the ground. The tingling begins to dull, I feel like I can almost move. I look to my right. To see a man in a domino mask, placing his gat back into his trench coat. He gives a care free wave, then touching his belt disappears.
    "The Lake View Ghost strikes again. One of these days I'm gonna catch up with him, and buy him a beer." I say laughing.

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