Friday, June 5, 2015

Mount Tatra

Mount Tatra
Mount Tatra is a dangerous place that the locals steer clear of. As one progresses up the slopes of Mount Tatra. It becomes darker, the plants subtly twisted. Shadows, play tricks on the mind. The sense of evil permeates the very earth. As one gazes up at the mountain from the valley meadow below. The peak is permanently enshrouded by a thick fog.
The meadow below the mountain is some of the best grazing in the area. Shepherds flocks have been encroaching closer to the base of the mountain. Recently shepherds have begun losing sheep. So a group of shepherds got together, to see about stopping these attacks. Out of the five shepherds only one was found. Next to his broken and torn up body was the word Moartea (Death) roughly scratched into the dirt. Rumor has it that the mountain is home to a pack of Dire Wolves. Perhaps it is, but what else lurks in the foggy heights.

Dire Wolf

AC 13
HD: 2+2 ST 18
Attacks: Bite
Special: None
Move: 18
HDE/XP: 2/30
Wolf packs still range across Europe and attacks on humans are not uncommon. Dire Wolves, are exceptionally large, and intelligent wolves. Some think they may have supernatural origins.

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