Sunday, June 14, 2015

OneDice Pulp

OK, so I bit the bullet and actually spent money on something other than food, or gasoline. Weird right? I got the PDF of OneDice Pulp. Man I really like this thing. I guess this is gonna be as close as a review as I do as well. System is straight forward and easy. Stat+skill+(possible modifiers)+d6 vs target number. Simple easy falls into the background. This game will not involve a lot of page turning to find rules. While rules light it still has enough crunch to satisfy me. The arts ok. I'm not gonna dis someones art (I'll reserve that for my own) but it could be better. But for the price and type of product its acceptable. Although subject matter and placement in the document is goofy. Some of the layout is a little weird to me. I understand why it was set up like that. But it could have been put together. Example, hazards. Theres a little vague section in the players side of the book. Which is expanded on in the GM side. This could have been put together into one, on either side. (Players, or GM). But these are minor details overall. The chase rules are short and good. It uses a point system for generating stats. Which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea. But I think it works well. Overall I think its a great game. Definitely worth the price. I cant wait to give it a spin.

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