Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pulp Adventure Ideas, Seeds, and Plot Hooks .1

  1. Take a look at this platinum ore. It's all most 100% pure. It comes from a mountain in Chile. But the native that brought it to me says the mountain is protected by a Guardian.
  2. What are Nazi scientists looking for in Tibet?
  3. Rumor has it Fransico Franco, Commander of the Nationalist forces in Spain, is going to deploy some sort of super weapon.
  4. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade is looking for brave souls to fight fascism in Spain.
  5. We're looking for pilots and mechanics to fight the yellow horde of the Japanese Empire in China! Apply to the "Flying Tigers" today!
  6. Rumors abound about a secret Japanese experiment gone wrong on Grim Tooth Atoll.
  7. What is sinking ships in the Indian Ocean? Survivors tell tales of madness.
  8. Are the reports of the Russian wild man in Siberia true?
  9. No one's heard from the Arctic expedition in a month.
  10. The Banko Banana Company is looking for mercenaries to pacify an unfriendly government in South America.

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