Monday, June 22, 2015

Pulp Adventure Ideas, Seeds, and Plot Hooks .3

  1. What are the strange lights coming from Kilkarney castle in Scotland?
  2. Did you hear? In three days the Paris-Zurich Rally will begin.
  3. The Goodyear Aircraft Company is hiring guards to serve aboard their new transcontinental airships.
  4. The government is hiring men to join the ranks of the revenuers. Word has it they've lost fifteen men in the last week. Something fishy is going on in those mountains.
  5. An old friend sends you a letter. In it he speaks of the golden riches he has found in Central America.
  6. A man in a chrome steel mask is hunting mobsters in New York.
  7. I'll pay you $4,500 dollars to get me to Washington D.C.
  8. Do you think those accidents at the Baltimore ship yards were really accidents?
  9. "Geez, I've never seen one so big!" "Well don't just sit there eyeballin' it, shoot!"
  10. A madman has planted a bomb somewhere in the city. He only left these cryptic clues on how to find it.


DungeonMastahWieg said...

I like these a lot. One reason I never really got into pulp gaming is that I could never think up any actual stories.

Uncle Sam said...

Thanks. I tend to write out lists of ideas. These are a few from the archives