Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pulp Adventure Ideas, Seeds, and Plot Hooks .4

  1. There's only one group that could have pulled off this heist. The glider men.
  2. Come with me on this voyage. As I trace the old fisherman's steps, and rediscover Monster Island.
  3. Deep in the jungles of southeast Asia lies the cure to this malady.
  4. Prof. Gewehr just radioed. Said his compound is under attack!
  5. Did Italy really use poison gas against rebels in Italian Cyrenaica (Eastern Libya)? That's what we the League of Nations is hiring you to find out.
  6. It is my dying wish that you have it. But guard it well. There are many that would try to possess a functioning jet pack.
  7. The crazy old coot mumbled something about a curse on the statue. But you don't believe in all the hoodoo, do you? 
  8. Don't be nervous, miss. Air pirates wouldn't dare attack our airship. Not with Air Ace Billy Caufield guarding her.
  9. Oh yeah? Let me show you some moves I learned sparring with Jack Dempsey.
  10. Yeah I used to think dinosaurs were extinct too. 'Til I watched one carve up Jimmy like a T-bone steak.
  11. Well if it isn't Captain Strasser. I thought I smelled something rotten when I walked in. You damn Nazi's are everywhere nowadays aren't you?
  12. Make no mistake boy, the Hashashin do exist. Fearless assassins emboldened by the use of powerful narcotics. 

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