Saturday, June 6, 2015

Zweihänder von die Verurteilung

Zweihänder von die Verurteilung
This mighty two-handed sword once belonged to Yuri Loránd. Captain of the Ardeal Guard during the bloody reign of Duke Valentin Valeriu. Yuri was a cold blooded thug. Executing the Dukes commands with ruthless efficiency. In the end he had fallen quite mad. His reign of terror was only stopped when his wife used his own sword to kill him.
Unfortunately this wasn't the end of Yuri Loránd. When he was killed his soul was absorbed by his sword. The sword now is as bloodthirsty as he was. Driving the possessor to draw blood to slake its thirst.
This sword is lost. Having passed through many hands ruining lives. Its last owner fell in combat. The sword coming to rest next to his body. Laying on the floor of a dark lonely woods, forgotten, and forsaken.
A feared weapon, the bleeding sword is a +1 two handed blade with a terrible power. Any damage caused by this weapon is progressive for up to 10 rounds on a 1 for 1 basis. An attack causing 5 points of damage, for instance, will cause an additional 5 points of damage the next combat round and each following round; up to 50 damage points total. Hit point damage can be halted by the victim leaving combat and binding his or her wounds. All hits from this blade do damage the same way. Wounds caused by this magic sword can only be healed with rest and time; no curative magic of any type will be effective. Even creatures capable of regenerating cannot heal themselves thus, whether this a natural ability (trolls) or magical ability (ring of regeneration). It does all of this only if coated with the blood of an opponent it has slain every day. If it is not, the +1 bonus and abilities fades away until it is again bathed in blood. Any character wielding the sword must save once every 24 hours or become bloodthirsty and evil. If the owner does not draw blood with the sword once a day. The possessor must make a saving throw or be compelled to attack and kill the next person they come across.

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