Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pulp Adventure Ideas, Seeds, and Plot Hooks .2

  1. I'm telling you it was no ordinary cobra. When it arose from the tea bushes it was tall as a man, and had fangs the size of fountain pens.
  2. What caused Navy divers off the coast of Hawaii so much fear that their hair turned white?
  3. Now fossils show a flightless bird of that size that could easily kill a human. But there's no way they still exist on that Javanese island.
  4. People have claimed to have seen the ghost of Manfred von Richthofen the "Red Baron" flying over the Somme.
  5. An explorer crawled out of the Sahara, half dead and just as mad. Speaking of a black Roman Empire.
  6. A vigilante crime fighter has criminals on the run in Philly.
  7. Prof. Argus phones with a frantic call for help.
  8. What on earth is old man Taylor going to do with six cases of shotgun shells?
  9. A couple of hunters were found murdered in the mountains of Washington state. Locals claim it was the work of a Wihtikow.
  10. Who broke into the national guard armory? What are they going to do with that kind of firepower?

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