Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Grigori Yefimovich

Grigori Yefimovich
Grigori Yefimovich a priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church was an advisor and counselor to Duke Valentin Valeriu and the royal family. He was quite an outspoken man. For a priest he lived quite a hedonistic lifestyle. Women, alcohol, and food fed his appetites. While the Duke was off on a expedition to the Moldoveanu Peak. Grigori's influence over Duchess Alexandra increased immensely. He soon became her confidant, personal adviser, and lover. He also convinced her to fill some governmental offices with his own hand picked candidates. For his true goal was power. He even bragged of his influence on the the royal family. All of this led to his downfall. Both the church and the royal family had enough of his boasting and manipulation. The Bishop of Alba Lulia and the Duke himself plotted against him.
They lured him to a royal dinner. While seated enjoying the meal he was ambushed by Yuri Loránd. A sack was draped over his head. He was beaten, stabbed, bludgeoned, and drown. Not to serve as a warning. But simply he refused to die. Though not in a position to defend himself. His unholy body continued to live.  
Unable to fully kill him. It was decided that his evil must be contained. Secretly in a small chapel outside of Alba Lulia. He was entombed in a sepulchre inside the crypt. Sealed with a great stone, silver chains, and wards.
Yefimovich’s followers lost favor completely with the church and monarchy. Being swept from all of their positions. They were forced into the lowest caste of monk. Now referred to the Black Friars. They are a seemingly lowly sect.
Entombed alive he has gone mad. Completely consumed by the darkness in which he dabbled. His mind wanders from the chapel. Trying to find those that might help him from his prison. Failing that, his influence drives them to madness and destruction.
A small dedicated group of Black Friars seeks to break to bonds that have sealed their master. But as of yet have not discovered a way. They are dark souls wandering a hellborn path. Subversives wishing to unleash terror against the church and royal family.

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