Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gallows of the Cross Roads
Where Alba Road and the Grey Mountain Road meet. There is a rickety old wooden set of gallows. Known as the Gallows of the Cross Roads. It is a dark place that has seen more than its share of death. These gallows used to be the primary execution spot during the rule of Duke Valentin Valeriu. Its last victims fetid corpse still dangles from the rotten rope. 
But this place has also a dark secret. The corpse that dangles in the wind was no ordinary criminal. They say he was touched by the devil himself. He swore to come back and haunt this land. That this world would never lose his murderous touch.
Unfortunately he was true to his word. Though few have survived to tell. For at night his corpse comes to life and stalks the countryside. Strangling the life out of his victims. Just as his was taken. Then returns to his rope perch at day break.

Gallows Corpse
AC: 11
HD: 4 ST: 15
Attacks: Strike or Strangle. If first attack is successful 1d6 per round till victim makes a save.
Special: Immune to sleep, charm
Move: 6
HDE/XP: 4/240

The Gallows Corpse was reanimated by a vow, dark magic, and evil intentions. While possessing a rotten body, its mind is quick. Inhabited by an evil intelligence. During daylight hours it appears as a simple corpse. At dark it animates and seeks victims. Continuing its quest to bring evil to the land.

(Stats are S&W)

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