Friday, May 1, 2015

Some things, places and people

So now that we've got the rough system out of the way. Heres some places, things, and people to utilize in the Hawaiian Noir setting.

The Banyan Tree
The Banyan Tree in Lahaina Court Park is a special place. planted on 24 April 1873 in Lahaina to mark the 50th anniversary of the arrival of first American Protestant mission. The Banyan tree Ficus benghalensis, known in Hawaiian as paniana, located in the Courthouse Square. Covering 1.94 acres, it is not only the largest in the state, but also in the United States. The tree, a gift from missionaries in India, a mere 8 feet (2.4 m) when planted, has grown to a height of about 60 feet (18 m) and has rooted into 16 major trunks, apart from the main trunk, with the canopy spread over an area of about 0.66 acres.
But it is far more than all of that. This tree was planted on atop a ley line nexus. A focal point of rich magical energies. Infusing the very essence of the tree with raw magic. It has become a place where kahuna (Hawaiian priest/sorcerer/magician) and other wizardly types have begun to perform rituals. Using and drawing on the trees vast potential energy.

The Sword of Ryuu Moto

This type 95 shin guntō sword is a fairly nondescript mass produced sword for Japanese non commissioned officers in WWII. This particular sword was issued to Gunsō (sergeant) Ryuu Moto. Ryuu was an exceptionally brutal and sadistic individual. Directly responsible for numerous atrocities committed against the allies and civilians. In his last moments his blood lust was so great he should have been struck down by the marines he was attacking. But he kept fighting even though he was dead. His spirit forged by battle into the sword. He was finally stopped when struck by a mortar round, that split his body asunder. The sword was picked up by a marine as a trophy of war. This was the down fall of the marine and the many other hands it has passed through. For the sword is cursed. It is possessed by the spirit of Ryuu Moto. It drives its owner insane, and to kill. It leaves a trail of blood, chaos, and madness.

Konani "The Black Heart" Ikaika
Konani "The Black Heart" Ikaika is many things. Hes a thug, murder, gambler, and a Hoʻokomokomo Kahuna. A Hoʻokomokomo Kahuna is a sorcerer that is able to summon and send out typically evil spirits to possess victims. Running many different gambling dens around the island. He uses his powers and the threat of them to run his operation with an iron fist full of dollars. Those that cannot be controlled by his money or violence. Find themselves in the sights of a spirit. Send to possess them and force them to do evil acts. One time a man owed him a vast some of money, and would not pay. Nothing seemed to sway him. Till The Black Heart sent a spirit which possessed and forced the man to kill his whole family.

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