Monday, May 4, 2015

More people and places

A couple more ideas for a Hawaiian Noir.

Freddie Laktin
Freddie Laktin is a marked man. He can typically be found cruising Kuhio Avenue at night, in his custom 50 Cadillac. Looking out for his stable of girls, and more importantly making sure they are working. He treats his girls pretty well, but once pushed to his his limit he can be a sick, and vicious hustler.
But as I said, hes a marked man. Everyone seems to be out to get him. A pair of dirty cops he double crossed and set up, are looking to even the score. A rival pimp is out to fish his girls and get him off the avenue. Threatened by by his more or less take over of his area. Then their is a vigilante. A man out to kill him. For turning out his daughter, and hooking her on drugs. He stalks the neighborhood, looking to put a bullet in him. Then finally something black seeks him. A slinking gloom, jumping from penumbra to shadow. An icy coldness, setting souls at unease.
The worst part of all of this for Freddie? Hes oblivious to it all. Living a continuous party. Drinking, hustling, and gambling his way through life.

Jim "Lucky" Coogan
Jim "Lucky" Coogan is a hard boiled dick. Referred to as a bedroom dick. He specializes in divorce cases. Following the wife and snapping incriminating photos. The approaching the wife, setting up a payoff there. Playing both sides against each other. Making money the whole time. Thought of as a sleaze bag by most.
Jim doesn't care. Hes getting his, while he can. You see they don't call him "Lucky" because he is. Much to the contrary. Hes lived a hard enough of a life for five people. When he was a child his parents died in a house fire. Then as a teen he witnessed the murder of his best friend. In the war he observed scarring horrors as a Marine at Guadalcanal. Then back from the war. He beheld the death of his beloved wife in a car accident. The worst part is he saw all the grisly events in his dreams days before they happened. The future is an unflinching wall of darkness for him.

The Shack
The shack is a mysterious former dwelling lying ion the jungle outside of Honolulu. A place where kids hike to and dare each other to go in. But someone, or something lives inside. Only stirring supposedly at night. It is said those who enter on the night of a full moon, are never heard from again. Probably just a cock and bull story. But as you well know tale tales tend to be based on a morsel of fact.

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