Friday, May 22, 2015

Prominent Cities, Towns, and Villages 3

Doştat is known for its primary product, sulfur. Its part of the refinement process that gives the town its particular odor. The sulfur ore is piled and stacked in brick kilns built on sloping hillsides, and with air spaces between them. Then powdered sulfur is put on top of the sulfur deposit and ignited. As the sulfur burns, the heat melts the sulfur deposits, causing the molten sulfur to flow down the sloping hillside. The molten sulfur can then be collected in wooden buckets. The sulfur is used for many things. Medicines, fungicide, and fertilizers to name a few.
But the forgotten industry of Doştat is the copper mines, smelting, and smithing. Which can be seen in the beautiful copper ornaments adorning the half timber buildings in Doştat.

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