Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Prominent Cities, Towns, and Villages 1

Alba Lulia
The capital Alba Lulia lies in the north end of the Alba River valley. The city is built in a mostly romanesque/gothic style. This along with the fog from the Alba river running through it, makes it a bit dreary and dark. Built into the side of the mountain leering over Alba Lulia is the Crows Garrett. A mighty gothic fortress. Home to the royal family, the Duchy of Valeriu. Surrounded by steep cliffs. The only way to reach the castle is by a set of covered stairs. Which meander up the cliff face from the city below.
Two of the bright spots of the city are the Royal Gardens, and the market bizarre. The Royal gardens is a park of statues and shrubs carved into the likeness of animals. In the center is the jewel of the park, the lion enclosure. A tall wrought iron fence surrounds the grounds of the lion house. These lions were a gift to Duke Mikail Valeriu, hundreds of years ago. They have been continuously bred with the induction of new blood from time to time. A fierce symbol of the royal family, which is included on their coat of arms. It is a legacy of the families continued power.
The market bizarre is a cornucopia of sights, sounds, and smells. All manner of things can be found here. All sold from pushcarts, stalls, and storefronts. The south end of the market centers around produce, and meats. While the northern end focuses more on shops, and pubs. But all through out can be found street performers and food vendors.
             A boon and bane to the city are the nearby salt mines. Salt is a valuable commodity, necessary for life. But the underside to this, is the deadly conditions which it is mined. The strenuous work and horrible conditions take a toll, on those who toil there. Semi-frequent cave-ins entomb lost souls. There are those that claim the mines are haunted by the lost dead. Though this has never been proven.

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