Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Hawaiian Noir bits

Honolulu PD Vice Squad

The majority of HPD officers are straight shooters. The type you want protecting and serving. These guys aren't that. Low down dirty hustlers, barely above the scum they bust. The scumm they bust? Yeah the ones that won't or can't pay them off, pay them up. They get a taste of damn near half the narcotics, and prostitution in town. They protect their money makers, and bust the opposition. Try screw them, you get busted or worse. A one way boat ride, or a trip to the jungle.

Honolulu PD Major Case Squad
These are some of the hardest boiled flatfoots you will ever come across. They play no favorites, their brutally honest, and get the job done how ever they have to. Even if that means bending the rules. Even some of the more savage heist crews fear these guys. Truth be told everyone does. Criminals and cops. They are not above bringing down the blue wall if its necessary to get justice. Course in those cases they tend to try to keep it low key. If a dirty cop disappears, whos to say what happened...

Willie Danford
Willie Danford is a jeweler, and a  fence. Always sweating and nervous. Course you would be to if you were playing both sides of the cops and the Triads. 

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