Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Gothic Rules

    So thats all a brief preview of Ardeal and places within. I do have more to it. Hooks of people, places, and things. But enough of that for the moment. As the question always comes to, what system? This time it is simple, blood simple. Sabres and Witchery. Its also free. Can you say bonus round?
    Based on Swords and Wizardry, it is a simple and (imho) wonderful. It really needs no modification to run the setting. I'm gonna give it a few extras to my taste of course. Mix in some tables of my own devising for horror, madness, reaching 0 HP, and what have you. Or just use them straight up from Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque. Which was free, but I know for certain is still on Lulu. Jack has taken down pretty much everything from his blog. Which you should still check out. Hes been writing about Arksylvania, which is very cool. Obviously very gothic stuff.

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