Friday, April 24, 2015

Whats it all about?

Hawaiian Noir, what is it all about?

It can be summed up in three basic concepts,

Hawaiian Paradise



OK, that's great. But what does that mean?

Its an exotic paradise. Warm weather, lush tropical setting, even a bit exotic. Beautiful beachs, humid jungle, and wild volcanoes.
But its also dark, gritty, slums, poverty, criminals, double crosses, murder, lost hope, and when things get bad they seem to turn even worse.
Then theres the dark other side. Things in the shadows. Corrupting magic. Spirits, and lore come over the veil to this side.

Its Red Harvest, Dark Passage, Kiss Me Deadly, Key Largo, and The Gun Runners. Combined with the supernatural, hawaiian folklore/mythology, spirits, corrupting magic, and madness.
Mixed with the Hawaiian Islands in the 1950's.

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