Friday, April 3, 2015

The Southern Coast

I've been fleshing out a campaign setting for some time now. this is a small piece of it.

The Bushlands and the Southern Coast.
  These are the domains of the Lizard Folk tribes. A vast wilderness of savanna leading to desert in the south. Jungle to temperate in the north. Lying on the southern edge of the Empire. The Empire claims to want to bring dominion and religion to the lizard folk. But truth be told the Empire is more interested in the abundant natural resources, as well a technology of the ancients. Some of the best condition technology of the ancients has been found in the Bushlands. But the lizard tribe are a proud people not willing to submit to the Empire.
  The Lizard folk are split into many different tribes. Which have slightly varying customs. But are very similar. To the average refined Empire citizen they are all the same, savage.
  The Lizard tribes are of a relatively low technology level. Limited agriculture, and animal husbandry. Supplemented with hunter/gathering. The typical tribe member wears only a loin cloth, belt, a drawstring pouch, and spear. Champions, and shamans have been seen using weapons stolen from the Empire, and rarely relics of the ancients.
  Tribes are led by their Shaman. Who receives instruction and converse directly with their god, Olympian. Olympian, full name Cray XKV-21 Olympian is an ancient sentient super computer. Powered by a fusion reactor drawing fuel from the air. It is located deep underground somewhere in the bushlands. the Lizard folk build shrines to Olympian out of old computers and technology of the ancients. Which is usually directly linked to Olympian.
  Each Shaman carries an interface, a link to Olympian. The interface is a tablet like device. Encased in a cover that varies from shaman to shaman. Some are made to look like a hardcover book. Others are in a briefcase, or wooden chest. Some are so large they require porters to move them around.
  These interfaces are powered and connected to Olympian by a broadcast system. If moved out of the areas covered by the broadcast. They lose power/contact. The Tribes are trying to expand their god influence by building new shrines/broadcast nodes. Especially with the Empire now encrouching on their lands.

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