Monday, April 27, 2015

Nuts and Bolts III (Or how do I shoot this mook in the face)

Lets face it, eventually your gonna have to punch some jackass in the face.
First we start with initiative. The order of the combat. This is determined by rolling a d20. Lowest acts first. Then you go up the line so to speak. Now if two opponents roll the same they act simultaneously. Both would act normally. Damage or other effect taking place after both have finished.
So an example.
Our character is jumped by two thugs outside of a gambling den. Initiative is rolled. Our man rolls a 5. Thug A rolls a 7, and Thug B rolls a 5. Both our character and Thug B act simultaneously. Both punch each other doing damage. Even though they both take damage neither assumes the appropriate penalties from the damage in the melee between them. Now we move to the next attack Thug A. Now our character suffers any penalties gains from the melee with Thug B.
Some examples of combat modifiers are as follows,
In hand to hand or melee combat the opponents positive dexterity bonus acts as a negative to the attackers to hit roll/attribute.
Light Haze -1 to hit
Thick fog -3 to hit
Darkness -6 to hit
Aiming for a specific body location
Head -5
Hand -6
Arm -4
Leg -3
Foot -5
Ranged combat
Point Blank +1
Short +/-0
Medium -2
Long -4
Extreme -6
Target has Cover
Partial -3
Full -6

Now damage. If a hit is successful your roll the appropriate dice as indicated for that weapon. This is subtracted from your characters hit point total. Once you have lost half your hit points (and every time you receive damage thereafter) you must make a willpower roll. If you fail you pass out till you make your willpower roll. You then must wait till the next round to make an action.
Any damage to the head you must make a willpower roll or be knocked out.

Armor reduces the amount of damage taken.

Automatic weapons
Short burst does x2 damage if successful
Long burst is -3 to hit and does x5 damage
If attacking multiple targets. Attacker must make successful attack roll as per usual. But the defender gets a chance to dodge. They must roll under the attackers roll or take normal damage.

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