Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nuts and Bolts II (the meat of it)

OK, to the meat of it. Yeah I probably should finish out character creation. But that will have to wait a minute. Lets face it the mechanics are the biggest deal breakers right?
Tasks (ones that require a roll) are resolved by rolling a d20. It must be equal or under the appropriate attribute. Yeah a roll under system. I know that's a deal breaker some folks. I'm good with either. But your mileage may vary. The attribute may be modified by difficulty of the task or circumstance. For example the character has a dexterity of 14. They are picking an old skeleton key lock with proper tools so they get a bonus of +3. So they would have to roll a 17 or lower. Now the same character trying to pick a high security custom lock suffers a -3. So they would have to roll an 11. Besides difficulty other factors can effect things as well. So the same character attempting to pick the high security lock in a violent thunder storm would be an addition -3. So they would have to roll an 8 or lower.
Now skills modify the attribute as well. So referring to our example above say the character has a lock picking skill of +2. Using the storm example again. Instead of having to roll an 8 or lower. They would have to roll a 10 or lower.
Now regardless of skill or modifiers, a roll of a 20 is always a failure. While a roll of 1 is always a success.
Now combat uses the same unified mechanic. Having its own little quirks. But that's next time.

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