Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Boat People

The boat people towns lie deep in the eastern Hyden desert. The town consist of pre fall ships. The Hyden desert used to be a sea. These ships where trapped after the fall. The ships/town are in various conditions. Some are derelict hulks, mere skeletons. Others have been meticulously maintained. Almost to the point if the water returned they could float, and move away under there own power. This is part of the boat peoples religion. They pray to Poseidon, to bring back the water. So that they may travel to to the legendary safe harbor. Technology varies from town/ship to town/ship. Some that inhabit the hulks are mere hunter gathers. Others still have fully operational fusion power reactors, and limited technology on the ancients. Armed with a mix of black powder cartridge weapons, and laser rifles. But they all follow the ancient naval/maritime traditions. The two largest and most prosperous are the USS Zmwalt III (former destroyer), and MV Global (container ship).

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