Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The United Saqar Socialist Republic

by Lysol-Jones

The United Saqar Socialist Republic lies far to the south of the Hyden desert. Populated by a race of humanoid cactus. It is a very different place than the Empire. People in the Empire have heard of the Saqar, but very few have actually met one. They live in scattered communes, governed by a travelling central body. They have built a socioeconomic system based on the common ownership of the communes means of production. They have a distinct lack of social classes and money. This is helped by the fact of their unique physiology. They feed by absorbing sunlight. As well as going dormant and  rooting into the ground for a period time. The time the individual must root for varies depending on the physical characteristics of the individual. (Their attributes) This leaves them with more time to help one another and the community. Now their are exceptions to this, not all are altruistic members of this society. But it is true for the majority.These exceptions tend to be thieves, and explorers. More likely to be found outside of the Saqar lands. They tend to live in mud brick houses covered by stucco. With bare dirt floors, and no roof. This allows them to bask in sunlight and root easily in their abode. They are about late 18th century in technology. Blades and flintlock weapons are common. They have a tradition of smithing fine metal objects. But do not mine for it. They trade for it. Typically with the boat people, who in turn trade with the Empire. One thing you will never see a Saqar with, or using is a wooden object. They find it mentally disturbing, and will not use it. They do use coal for their smithing though.Game note   Saqar have a player class unique to the race. The Commissar. Treated as a bard. But instead of being a story teller or singer/musician. They issue commands, and inspirations. Created the same effects. As all in the world of the Empire they do not cast spells. But Commissars do gain thief skills as a bard as well.

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