Saturday, April 4, 2015

Empire Army

The Empires army is the largest, best equipped, and finest fighting force on the continent.  Clad in khaki with pith helmet. The typical soldier is equipped with belt and cross belts with ammo pouches. Armed with a Williams rifle. A single shot, falling block breach loading, .45 caliber black powder brass cartridge rifle.

Officers carry pistols that they have purchase on their own. Popular pistols are, Danforth .45 caliber double action revolver (standard issue revolver of the Empire army).

Kepler's pistol a four barreled break open pistol. Typically chambered for the .45 Danforth.

Some are armed with Howda pistols. These are double barreled break open pistol. Chambered typically for large calibers, such as .45 Williams, .60 Crowder, or 12 gauge shot shells.

All officers are issued a sabre. Although more prosperous individuals have them embellished to their tastes.
The army is now field testing several new weapons in the southern coast war. One of which is the Milton Gun. A multi-barrel weapon of rapid volley fire. Chambered for .45 Williams, it lays out a devastating barrage of fire.
The tried and true support weapon of the Empires army is the 2.75 pack howitzer. Firing a 2.75 inch explosive shell, it is destructive force used against mass formations and emplacements.

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