Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Magic Sword

So magic sword. Let face it a lot of times they tend to be +1 and done. Pretty generic and vanilla. I mean it has its place. Definitely a little better than a normal sword. But really its pretty boring. Course you could jazz it up. Make it call lightning 3 times a day or something. Still its a bit blah. Or you could make it a flaming sword. Definitely better. But not really unique. I mean its a magic sword, these should be rare and wondrous right? Well how about this then. Make it a flaming sword, but instead of a blade surrounded with flame. What if the blade was completely made of high intensity flame. So say a long sword 1d8, have it do 2d8 (total) fire damage per strike with a 50% chance of setting combustibles ablaze for an addition 1d6 of damage for 1d6 rounds. But with all good things there's a catch. The sword uses a magic scabbard. Because it is pure fire all the time. Not something you can just leave out all the time. Then what happens when you encounter a creature/opponent, that is made of water or ice? Double damage right? Wrong, it will damage as normal. But if strike is successful, 50% chance the blade is doused. Leaving a bare hilt in the characters hand. Sword will relight, in 1d4 hours. Since it has no blade with the fire out. You cant just put it back in its scabbard, not just something you want to drop in your pocket and forget about either.

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