Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Ursa

The Ursa live in the foothills and mountains north of the Empire. The Ursa are bear like humanoids. Not anthropomorphic bears, but shaggy haired humanoids. They are extremely strong and large in stature, with a slightly muzzled mouth. While they do possess sharp canines they are completely concealed with their mouths closed. They have regressed claws that are not sharp, and more like really thick finger nails, with a slightly rounded point.
The Ursa live in large clan groups. If you enter a town it will be controlled by a single clan. Marriage must come from outside the clan, and are gigantic affairs involving two towns. They are known as fine smiths. But are not yet capable of the industrialization possessed by the Empire. Technology wise they are capable and do carry flintlock weapons. Most of which are of large calibers. Definitely unusable by races of smaller stature, like geck. Their traditional ranged weapon is the levered shot. Which is a piece of shaped granite, with an iron handle attached. Obviously this is a thrown weapon. In the realm of hand to hand weapons they favor axes, and broad swords. Besides iron working, they are known for their woodworking, brewing, and distilling.
Ursa are generally a very friendly lot. It is said that to become a friend of an Ursa is to become a friend for life. While not typically violent. When roused to such a state. they are fearsome fighters, of great power.

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