Saturday, April 11, 2015

Power of the Empire

Been quiet for a minute. Sorry, work has been crazy. Being the lone gun man for a 6 day work week sucks.

So, lets get back into it eh? What is truly the real power of the Empire? The army? Yes, partially. Psychics? No, not really there are those outside of the Empire. Advanced technology? Yes, but not in the black powder cartridges, and relics of the past. No, the true power of the Empire can be summed up in one word, railroad. Mass transit. The ability to project power across the Empire. Not just delivering troops in a remarkable speed, in comparison to horses. Mighhty steam locomotives plying the continent. But the the support elements, and supplies needed by the army. Then there is the economic impact of the railroad. Goods, and passengers whisked about the Empire. This is the true power of the Empire. Tracks crisscross the Empire. Spurs lead to the front on the southern coast delivering troops and supplies. A spur leads into the northern mountains to the Ursa Clans territory. In the far south it leads to the Hyden Desert. Here it ends. The railroad is no match for the shifting sands of the desert. From here goods are transported via camel caravan to the Boat People towns, and even farther south to the United Saqar Socialist Republic. (Yeah, I named it the USSR. It fits, you'll see in a later post).

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