Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Waste Land Road Trip

Well I was over at theRPGsite this morning. Talking a little bit with Koltar about an idea he had. He was talking about the old TV show Ark II. The basic premise of which is in the future. The earth is a wasteland. The folks are scientists that wander the globe trying to help people. Now this and their vehicle the Ark II, reminds me of Damnation Alley. Damnation Alley is about a group of men at a former military installation. That have survived world war III. They are cossing the wasteland looking for a refuge with other survivors. Their vehicle is similar looking. It is called a Landmaster.
Anyways he thought Ark II would make a good RPG setting/game. I agree. But I think I would go in the Damnation Alley direction with it. Trekking across a post-apoc wasteland. Mutated plants and animals posing threats along the way. People of various tech levels and dispositions. Searching for food, water, and fuel. It could be played serious like a road warrior movie or Wasteland comic. Or it could be gonzo as hell like gamma world or Rifts. In either case I think it could be a fun game.

Landmaster from Damnation Alley

(Is it just me or does the symbol on the truck look like Captain Americas shield?)

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