Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Star Frontiers, Ships Name

Well I'm giving the characters a ship to start off with. Figured it should have a name. So I thought I would put it up for a vote. So here are the nominees:

Ming's Comet
The Scotsdale
Bad Mother Fucker
The Carp
The Breaker
The Star of Dramune
Dragon Lady

Well there they are vote for your favorite. Leave a comment telling me which one you like. Dont see an obvious choice? Or have a better one? Tell me in a comment.
Thanks for your vote in advance! :-)

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Ronin said...

Well folks voting over. Lets tally the votes. Hmmm... No votes. Correction. One verbal vote from Leroy Brown. Being thats hes my roomate I would hope I would hear something from him. But what happened to you fellas?

Kane said...

Sorry Sam, working a split shift sort of does strange things to your mind, you say to your self, I will do it later, well, later comes, and is followed by a tomorrow, and well you get the picture, I have always felt a ship should have a females name, sort of a throw back to old sailing days, so I didn't really see a name that stuck out over another on the list. but hey, its a game, so what ever it is, I am sure we will get it shot up and or stolen :)