Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Game

Well as I posted before I sent the players a tone of choices of stuff I would like to run. It came down to two choices. Conan or Star Frontiers. I chose Star Frontiers, as I was feeling it more. And truth be told. I was kind of drawing blank thinking of adventure hooks, and etc for Conan. Which drives me crazy. I'll probably think of ten different things in the next couple days.

But I am totally cool with Star Frontiers. I've had the link to the Star Frontiersman here in my blog, and in my signature at theRPGsite for a while now. I'm glad I can finally run something in it. It is such a fantastic game. Its really a simple game to run. Something I can really get things flowing without a lot of crunch bogging me down. There are two things that I'm a little nervous about though. First off while I've played it many times. It will be the first time I get to run it in a long time. Secondly one of my players is the person that introduced me to the game. Somewhere like twenty years ago. (Wow. I'm flippin old fart now. Son of a bit....) He is one of the first GM's I ever had. So i guess I kind of wonder what he will think of my game. As every ones game is a little different. Well I got to finish up some work for the game. I'll try to post a recap of the session if I can tomorrow.


Kane said...

Sam, great choice in games, I was pretty happy to see the old pic on your blog when I came on. I love the game, and I was really deep into the mytho of it back in highschool. I would love to help in anyway to create a imersive story arc or what ever. This game always appealed to me as a "gritty" space epic, I never got into the clean, carpeted, brightly lite starships of the star trek universe. The last campaign I ran, including the last time I wore the GM hat, was with this game during the summer of '90, damn I am old. We started to use the star ship battles rules more, even going as far as making a dreadnaught class Heavy Battleship, it was a blast. let me know when and how I can help, of course, weekends for me, as my current work schedule is screwing my weekday gaming all up

Ronin said...

A clean brightly lit star trek game is the last thing you will get from me. It definitely be gritty.

Kane said...

I could see myself maybe moving back into the gm seat with a small side outing here and there