Friday, September 14, 2007

Aces & Eights

I just picked this game up. I had only heard a little bit about it. Then some folks started talking about it on theRPGsite. It really appealed to me. Then the level of support that it seems to have. Jolly and Mark from Kenzer & Co both have posted on theRPGsite. Answering questions and talking about it. Not to shill, but serving a wanted purpose. I have never seen this kind of support and enthusiasm from a company. I had to check this out for my self. Well I didn't buy a book as much as I bought a Tome. This is the most amazingly complete game I have ever seen. It is fantastic. Basic rules along with more advanced rules that can be mixed and matched any way you like. You can totally customize things for your self rules wise. And did I mention complete. Holy god friends. This thing is the greatest (Bar none) western game or supplement I have laid hands on. The info and the sheer amount of it, is astonishing. If it were not for the fact I'm starting a Star Frontiers game sunday. We would be doing a western game. Do your self a favor go to Kenzer and companies site. Dont just take my word for it. Check this thing out.

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