Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Loran Morgaine

Kane sent me his background story for his character Loran Morgaine. I thought, I would share it here on the blog. (I plan on posting everyone elses as I get them. Like I did with the GI Joe game.)

Loran Morgaine Baston, grew up in the large city of Port Loren, on Gran Quivera. He spent most of his child life in poverty, his mother had died during child birth and left Loran's Father to care for him. Loran's Father, Lothar Baston was a landsman at one of the city's large shipping ports. While Lothar was never the kind of man who wanted to be a father, he tried his best to make sure Loran knew right from wrong and tried to provide a future for his son. Many hours at the docks Lothar worked to ensure his son might be able to go farther then he had. It was the many long hours that may have help to contribute to the accident that took Lothar Baston's life when Loran was 14. The men who came to the school that day told Loran that his father was dead, and he was to come with them. In the hovercar Loran over heard the men talking about how after the rogue engine lifter was switched off, there wasn't enough to tell it was even a man once...
After all the court hearings on the accident and the later moves from foster home to foster home, Loran was eventualy made a ward of the state and placed in a UPF training academy for youth's. He spent the next 4 years of his life learning to forget the problems that life had dealt him, and focus on the world around him. The military life was a good fit for Loran, he excelled at all his studies, being small weapons and martial arts training, to technical and biosocial sciences. After he graduated from the youth academy at the age of 18. He was suddenly faced with a decision, to continue with the military life that he loved so much, or go off into the private sector where he had a small fortune saved in a trust fund in his name. Lothar Baston couldn't give his son all he wanted, but in death and life, he left his only boy with a sizeable fortune in the money that he had put away while he worked, and with the trust fund set up in his sons name upon his death from the insurance company that quickly wanted to cover the malfunctioned cargo lifter accident that had killed Loran's father.
Some may have taken this new found money and started a life in the frontier paving their own way, but Loran Baston knew he was not for the civilian life, and cared little for the blood money of his poor blue collar father. He bought a one way shuttle pass to Prenglar, Morgaine's World, where the UPF has one of its finest academy's. His past youth training academy scores where well high enough to allow him to enter the UPF military academy and after 4 more years of training and testing, Lothar Baston was assigned to a outpost unit on the outer frontier planet of Laco.
For 12 years Loran served the Federation with pride and honor, being on a outpost planet like Laco, there was many chances for one to see action, there was ever the shipping pirates, local bandits and even encounters with mysterious hostile ships that would seemingly come out of no where and for no purpose other then to destroy the outpost. This was the normal life of a lieutant of the UPF, some action, some down time, and Loran loved it, and never thought it would end, but saddly Loran and happyness seldom last long.
At the age of 34 Lt. Baston was a decorated pilot and military profesional, but seldom did he pursue his accolades to their fullest, where some men may have taken every promotion and new assignment, Loran did not, he was happy being a outer rim fighter pilot and that was good enough for him. This made his younger superiors abit stand-offish to the "old man" and caused rifts in the chain of command in the outposts small UPF force. On a routine solo patrol of the outer quadrant of Laco, Loran found himself under attack from 3 unknown and much stronger ships. They came from seemingly no where and before Loran could do anything his cockpit was blasted open and he found himself floating in space strapped to his ejection seat. To make matters worse, his helm had been damaged during the attack and had not shut the blast sheild down in time to protect his face from the imploding cockpit. The blasting hot plasti-steel cut into his face and caused a life long scare on his left sife of his face. The attackers where gone as fast has they had appeared, thinking their prey was now just a floating hunk of blasted metal. Loran floated in space, bleeding in his suit for a full day before a passing patrol ship picked up his ejection seat's emergency beacon.
Two weeks later Lt Loran M. Baston was released from the hospital on Morgaine's World, and found himself honorably discharged from the service. It seems the Laco commanding officers took Loran's accident as a sign to cut back on fighter pilots and offer early retirements to officers who where of age and or served in hostile encouters. Loran tried and tried to appeal the discharge, but there was no hope, the military he had loved so much had turned its back on him and now he was faced with the cold hard reality of civilian life.
Five years have pasted, five long years of civilian life... Loran first tried his hand at mercenary work on the outer rim, but found he disliked their unorganized manor and love of money. He later worked as a cheif of security for a star cruise line, but got bored with that after a few years. Loran now is 40 and is but a shell of the once proud man he was, his life, almost to have seemed to have gone full circle now, disgruntled at the UPF and finding solace in the bottle of a bottle, he feels the end of his rope coming. Tomorrow he is to report to a vrusk owned company for a quick job off planet to deliver some goods to some other far off planet. The employment office says its good quick money, but Loran cares little for the money, the ship will take him to some place new, that he has been to many times before, the next bottle and maybe closer to a final answer his life is missing....

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