Sunday, September 16, 2007

In to Space

Well we started the Star Frontiers game today. I thought it went well. The scenario I put together was/is pretty big. But hey got through more than I expected. It kept our attention. As it was kind of like o'crap its 5 o'clock. Well we'll wrap it up here for today. It was a good place to stop anyways.
First off lets talk about the players characters.
Ryan is playing Omar an aggressive Yarsian mercenary. Armed with an auto-pistol.
Scott is playing Loran a Human, disgruntled former UPF military man. Also armed with an auto-pistol.
Robert is playing Octvian a Vrusk businessman. Assigned to the ship. Armed with a pair of swords.
Pat is playing Gesh a Dralasite medic. Armed with a gyro-jet pistol.
The fellas are supposed to flesh things out better in a back story. When I get it I will post it here.
Together with Billy (NPC) their pilot they are the crew of the "Chubby Virgin". A small container freighter. Which means the ship carries its cargo in containers/pods outside of the hull. Much like a container ship in reality. They have a corporate contractual lease. What this means is that. The characters are leasing the ship from a company. The company takes a larger portion of the profits. Because part of the money is going toward purchasing the ship. Sort of a rent to own deal. It also give the characters the backing of the company to purchase cargo. o that they can deliver it to wherever they can get the most for it. The company they are in contract with is a small Vrusk shipping company named Prospect Shipping. Prospect has offices a couple different systems.
The characters are delivering food stuffs, and toiletry's. To the planet Mahg Mar in the Waller Nexus system. They are delivering to the space station. The planet itself has a small educational/research center. The station orbiting the planet is mainly a distribution center between transports, and the planet. The station is named the "Arcas". It a small station. But it has a little of everything. Including restaurant's, shopping, health club, and a small hotel. It is a cylinder which ships can dock at. Near the top there is the ring. This spins giving gravity. This is where the shopping and stuff is located. The command center being at the top of the cylinder.
As they approach the station they receive an automated docking message. Which the pilot remarks as being a little strange. They also see a lone ship leaving the station. It is a lone Indiaman class freighter. Named "The Star of Dramune". So they dock and enter the station.
Everything seems fine, except that it seems deserted. Till they get half way up the cylinder on the freight elevator. The notice something strange on the air lock door. They stop and investigate. Its blood on the door and floating in the air. As the cylinder is zero g. they try to use the intercom to contact security. But all they get are goofy automated messages.
They continue up the elevator. With the goal to go to the cargo wholesale office in the shopping area. Get their money and get out. So they get to the elevator room and head to the shopping center. As they are riding the elevator down they notice some strange slime on the floor. When the doors open they see a slime trail to the right. The players decide not to follow this and head to the left toward the cargo office. Its very strange there are no sounds of activity. As the shopping center is usually far busier than this. As they head to the cargo office. They notice in the first shop. which is a clothing retailer, someone moving around in the back. Behind a counter. They go to see who, or what it is. When from behind the counter comes out a reptilian humanoid. That seems to have cybernetic attachments on its head and back. The creature has an auto pistol. Which it raises as soon as it see the characters. They shoot it out with the slavebot. They fairly quickly take it down. They take the extra magazines of ammo off its corpse.
As they move closer to the office. They see no one. The restaurant across from the shopping area has table pushed over and is generally in a state of disarray. They finally get to the office. Finding it empty. With no way to get paid. They decide to go to the control room. But not before they raid the sporting goods store next door to the office. They find some ammo for the auto pistols. Along with a couple semi-auto target/sport pistols. They also liberate a baseball bat, a cricket bat, and a golf club.
They get to the elevator and see the slime trail again. they decide to follow it. They get up to the restaurant. Which has a glass wall separating it from the hallway. they see a large slug like creature. About 2-3 feet high. And about 4-5 feet long. It appears to have cybernetic attachment mounted in what appears to be its head. The characters open fire on in through the glass. It returns fire with a flamethrower. Striking Octavian hurting him pretty bad. The characters one by one charge the slug. Stabbing it with a sword (Octavian), and bludgeoning it to death with the bats and the club.
They decide to high tail it to the control center. So they take the elevator back to the elevator hub. To get to the control center they must pass through the shuttle lounge. Which is where to arrange and wait for a shuttle to take you down planet side. As they com in to the lounge. They find them selves in a cross fire from two of the slavebots with auto pistols. They battle taking a fair amount of damage. Gunning one down and charging the other beating it to death. They regroup and Gesh the groups medic heals them up a bit.
They then bypass the lock on the door and enter the command center. There they find a cyboslug, and a strange pedestal bolted to the floor. With a clear top with electronics and bio organic stuff inside. They engage the slug in combat. Stabbing it to death. (the slug had the worst rolls ever and missed every time it attacked.)
As they turned their attentions to destroying the pedestal. It mocked them and started a countdown. Well Omar defused the bomb. It talked some more trash and they felt the station start to shift. The box had started to move the station to crash it into the planet. The killed off the pedestal and regained control of the station. Putting it back to orbit. After they destroyed the pedestal and regain control. Multiple system started to come back up. They saw that a shuttle was heading up to them from the planet. They hailed it. Deputy Agent Tom of Star Law responded.
They greeted him at the docking bay. Deputy Agent Tom looked like R. Lee Ermey. (The drill Sergeant from Full Metal Jacket). He seemed angry wanting to know "What the hell is going on hell!" and held them at gun point till he saw the evidence of the slavebot corpses. He wasn't alone though. With him were a dralasite named Sancho and a human named Petey. Both armed with rifle style weapons. Tom the group went back up to the command center. Tom in his expert opinion figured this looked like the work of Sathar agents. They checked the station records. The Star of Dramune was the only ship to have been at the station in the last two days. Figuring they must be the source of the slavebots and such. Determining that Deputy Agent Tom deputises the group. Commandeering their ship to chase after the The Star of Dramune. That's where we left off. Next week "The Chase".


Kane said...

I have to say, I enjoyed this game, and it seemed like the other players had a good time too, there was less goofing around but we had fun, and we had forward progression, which I feel is a plus for any game. The was a little mystery, some fun, some exploration, I am looking forward to next session for sure, and maybe still running a small side session soon myself

Ronin said...

Cool I'm glad you liked it. I think it went well too. If and when you run a side session I will totally play. So let me know.

Kane said...

will just have to figure out a day, when i am not working to do it