Thursday, September 27, 2007

Now for something completely different

Well I'm going to interrupt my normal RPG posting to talk about something else. Yes I know my post as of late has been a little sparse. I got a lot on my plate what can I tell you. Anyways I want to talk about one of my more recent mild obsessions. Oktoberfest. I have to go. Since I cant afford to fly to Munich, in Germany. To go the the real Oktoberfest. I'm going to have to settle for something local. Hell I'm drinking a Warsteiner Premium Verum right now. For those not in the know. Its a tasty German beer. I like beer. I like the accordion. I'll wager dollars to doughnuts. That you cant swing a dead cat with out hitting a polka band, or accordion player during Oktoberfest. Women in, cleavage baring traditional Bavarian garb. And did I mention the beer? Great big huge mugs of tasty German beers. This is all awesome. I must enjoy this first hand.


ChattyDM said...

You have to go to Germany if only once.

In the Bavaria region, there is a law that forces a tavern/restaurant owner to have at least 1 drink cheaper than beer.

Also, in the same region, Workplace cafeteria have beer!

And pouring a beer in Germany is not to be taken lightly. I was in Hamburg last year at a Swanky Hotel (I used to be a big shot Pharmaceutical guy) and I ordered a beer (A Bitter IIRC) and the 20 year old barman took 4 minutes to pour it just right for me, with a 1/2 inch collar of foam and no spillage whatsoever....

Now that's proper respect for beer! And I'm French, I shouldn't care about theses things! The Germans made me! :)

Kane said...

Ronin, let me know, I will go with you to the local one(s) since I was born in Germany and of germany heritage, I love the whole fest