Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Chase

Well as you may remember from last time. Deputy Agent Tom of Star Law has deputised the group. In order to go after the freighter "The Star of Dramune". Well before they could do that Loran voiced so concerns of not dropping off the cargo and getting paid. Tom assured him he would get paid. Regardless if cargo came into damage. Loran didn't believe/trust him. Had him forge a deal before they would go after the ship. While loran was being played in character. As he doesn't trust the military, or Star Law. So he demanded to get paid in advance for their cargo. Which honestly wasn't what I had in mind for the scenario. But since I was going to make sure they got paid for their cargo regardless. It wasn't a big deal. Then Kane (who plays Loran) wanted to know what was their incentive to chase after the ship. Because chasing down the evil that had invaded and f'up the galaxy twice, evidently isn't enough incentive. So Deputy Agent Tom told them they would get their ships engines overhauled for free. Again this was not a big since I was going to give the characters this as a reward anyways. It just pushed up its appearance in the story. This was enough to get the boys on board. Before they left Tom gave them two automatic rifles, and a gyro-jet rifle. Along with a frag grenade each.
Well they climbed aboard the "Chubby Virgin" and quickly caught up to the "Star of Dramune". As the "Star" is equipped with ion engines, and the "virgin" is equipped with atomic engines. They stayed to the rear of the "Star" and docked with it entering in the aft engineering section. Octavian stayed on the "Virgin" as his player didnt show up so his character stayed on the ship with Billy the pilot. They immediately encountered two robots. Humanoid in form with an auto rifle built into their right arms. Well they battle and destroy these combat robots. They then disable the ships engines. Then while exploring the deck they find a workshop it looks like the robots were assembled in. They proceed up the main access to the forward engineering deck. They fight another robot there. They climb to the next deck. Which is the aft crew quarters. They don't find any more robots just dead bodies of the crew. The bodies look like they have been there a couple weeks. That look like they were murdered. The next deck they find another pair of robots. They dispatch these quickly. The find more bodies of the crew. They move on to the avionics deck. In the computer center they encounter not robots. But a human Sathar agent, and, a Sathar! They shoot it out with them and kill them both. (Just as a note I wish they would have just wounded the sathar and tried to take him prisoner. So they could watch him shoot itself in the head. As opposed to being captured.) So they secured the ship and headed back to the station "Arcas". When they arrived they found it a startling change. It was full of personnel. Things where being made right. As the ship was being over hauled they were flown by shuttle to the planet Mahg Mar. Before they could leave though. They had to give the rifles back. As rifles and heavy weapons are not aloud on planet. With the promise of a free return trip. They were flown to the only city on the planet. Mahg Mar city. The eastern portion of the city consisting of the University of Mahg Mar. The planet itself is a rough place. Hot and dry. Mostly barren dirt or sand. With Rock outcroppings. The only vegetation being spots of prairie grass and small scrubby trees. As soon as they hide the surface they start looking for places to spend there hard earned credits. They find an Army/Navy surplus store. Where they buy skein suits and ammo. From there they proceeded to the nearest bar. It was mostly deserted. They were approached by a man who recognized them as the men who helped to free the space station. He came to them with a proposition. We ended there to continue next week.


Kane said...

I hope you wheren't too put off with my characters unwillingness to play along with the StarLaw agent. I felt if I was going to be true to my back story, he would never have just jumped on for queen and country. I could tell you where unprepared for the bartering of the credits and such, but I thought if got everyone else more into the game, if you want, I can tone it down abit

Ronin said...

I did have a problem with you not wanting to go along with the start law agent. Though they are different than the military. But I figured you would want to help destroy the sathar. Credits and stuff wasnt a big deal. I figured it would happen after the chase though. Its not a big deal. I forgot the golden rule of GM'ing. Players always do what you dont expect. Be ready.

Kane said...

it wasn't that I didn't want to go with him, I know you had the planned adventure, but I just played as I did, we have a contract to the ship, and even in real life, you would be interested in the credits owed to you and your well being, before just allowing some sherif to come and take you and a company ship off on some adventure that your not trained or equiped for. I love little reality checks like that in games, gives it more of a human feel. I am just dreading the stuff you will cook up for me on this side session I am working on :-P