Sunday, September 30, 2007

Planet Side

Well we ran the third session today. There were only three players again. But that's OK. So once again it was Omar the Yarizian Merc, Gesh the Dralasite Medic, and Loran the former military man. They are approached by a man in the bar they are hanging out in.

This man here. He has a simple proposition. He would like to hire the characters to deliver six crates no questions asked. To a mining camp out in the wild lands. He offers them 3000 credits up front and 3000 after delivery. They bargain with him and he pays them 4000 credits up front and 2000 after delivery. He gives them directions to a warehouse on the outskirts on the city. Tells them to talk to Roy. Well they go across the street to Crazy Ralphy Mays Rental Center. Who as you can guess is quite a character. Hes a large dralasite that wears an oversize foam cowboy hat. They negotiate with him. He shows them a hover truck and some other vehicles out back. While talking with him they see his guard pigs which are huge hogs with big tusks. Finally they rent a ground car, a PGC Escort sedan to be specific. They finally proceed to the ware house. Its a large tan stucco building. Out front is a human in a blanket poncho and large hat leaning against teh wall. They approach him and he turns out to be Roy. Roy unlocks the door to the building, shows them the crates and returns to the front of the building. Seemingly going back to sleep. They enter the building. Which seems to be filled with years worth of boxes and junk. In one corner are six green crates. They proceed to load the crates into the car. Half way through the process. Another car pulls up. Three men dressed in grey suits (similar to the type wore by Mao Zedong). They tell the characters to give them the crates. The players are less then responsive, as you can guess. Well the gangsters pull guns. So the characters respond in kind. A shoot out ensues. Two of the gangsters are hit by a needler pistol. Knocking them out. The last is killed by gunfire. They search the gangsters and find some ammo. Then take their watches and a big gold ring. They lock the two knocked out gangsters in the trunk of the gangsters car. Telling Roy that he might want to get rid of the car. They finish loading up the car and head out to the wild lands. Following the coordinates they are about half way. When they see a vehicle approaching them. They stop the car and get behind it using it as cover. A hover bike zooms up on them. With a rider dressed in green helmet and leathers. Spraying the car with bullets from an auto pistol. They return fire. Injuring the rider. Causing him to lose control. The hover bike noses down. Tumbling, sending the rider rag dolling across the hard pack desert. They search him recovering several ammo magazines for an auto pistol. They get back in the car and continue to the mining camp. Once they reach the camp it is not like any other mining camp they have seen. It is surrounded by a chain link fence topped with razor wire. Behind that they also have the beginnings on a burm. Being constructed, using the dirt dug up from the mine. On the main gate there is two guard towers. Equipped with machine guns. They are told to halt by security. Which look to be mercenaries dressed in brown Merc Co uniforms. They are armed with gyro jet rifles. they are checked out then let in. They are directed to the main building. They are greeted by a head guy. He inspects the crates. Revealing that the contents were a sonic devastator and a heavy laser. He tells them that he will contact Rolento. To let him know that they successfully received the crates. So the characters can go back to him to get paid. As the characters are going back to the car. They see something headed toward the camp. The head guy tells them its nothing to worry about. As they have been raided a couple times. That they are ready for them. Suddenly the fence explodes. It appears they didn't expect that. Four hover bikes rush in. Piloted by men in green leathers and helmets. Each one has a rocket launcher mounted to the bottom. One of them heads right at the characters blowing up their rental car. They engage the biker. They hit him but he moves out of range behind some buildings. Another approaches which they kill. The hover bike slamming into the burm exploding. Explosions happen around the camp. The characters acquire a hover truck. They then play chicken with on of the hover bikes. They miss him with the truck. But get a shot off on him as he passes. Sending him careening into a building. The Merc Co, guys seem to have things under control at this point. The characters examine the bike and body. The guy in green leathers has Galactic Task Force Incorporated markings on them. GTFI is the enemy of Streel and Merc Co. GTFI works for the Pan-Galactic Corporation.

They are approached by this woman. Who appears to be the head of the camp. She is very rude and short with the characters. She gives the characters the truck to replace their car. Then pretty much tells them to get the hell out. So they do. They return to Magh Mar city. They head to the warehouse that they picked up the crates. They wanted to pick up the gangsters car. So they could give Ralphy May a car back. But the car is not where they left it. They ask Roy about it. He tells them that he put it around back. They go out back to find the rear end up on blocks with some kids stealing the wheels. This angers Omar a great deal. He pulls his pistol. The kids run. Omar fires a burst killing one. The other immediately gives up. They make him put the wheels back on. They ask him what he is going to do with the wheels. He tells them that they were going to sell them to Wild Bills Pawn Emporium. After the kid puts the wheels back on. Omar gives him the ring he stole off the gangster. He tells the kid he owns him. That he owes him. And will ask him to do something, someday. Then tells him to get his friends body out of there.they check on the gangsters. They are still in the trunk. They then question them. Asking what they were going to do. They said that their boss was hired to get the crates by a man in green leathers. Our boss sent us to get them. Then take them to a warehouse on Green street. They close the trunk and drive the car, and hover truck to Crazy Ralphy Mays. They give him the gangsters car in lew of the one he rented them. As its blown up. Ralphys a little hesitant at first. But then agrees. As hes checking out the car. He finds the gangsters in the trunk. He says and I quote "Hey fellas you forgot your luggage." Or if you want I can get rid of it for you. For a nominal fee of course. So they pay Ralphy to get rid of the gangsters. They also sell him the hover truck. They ask Ralphy if he knows a good pawn shop. He tells them he sure does. His brother Wild Bill of Wild Bills Pawn Emporium. They then go across the street to the bar where Rolento is waiting for them. Rolento greets them. Gives them some line about easy money. This sets Omar off. He punches Rolento. Who responds by hitting him with his stun stick. Knocking him out. He pays the characters the remaining amount of money. Telling them to get the hell out. They do so. They then hail a cab. Being picked up by a Rastafarian Yarizian. He drives them to the pawn shop. They arrived at the pawn shop. they are greeted by Wild Bill the Dralasite. He buys the watches from them. For 30 credits each. They then haggle with him over some magnigoggles. They tell him hes asking to much money and leave in a huff. They then decide to check out the warehouse on green street. So they hail another cab. Which is driven by a human with a bronx accent. He takes them to green street. Its now getting to be dusk. So they wait till night to approach the warehouse. The warehouse is built out of corrugated steel. It looks as old as the city. Theres an overhead door and an entry way door. Both have a mercury lamp above each. Omar takes his needler and shoots out the lamps. A guy in green leathers stick his head out the entry door to see whats happening. Omar tries to shoot him. But misses. So he quickly ducks back in. They go up to the front of the building. Omar picks the lock. They open the door and gesh tries to throw a grenade inside. But it ricochet and lands at there feet. So they dive around the corner of the building. It explodes. Omar looks around the corner and sees the overhead door opening. So he tries to throw a grenade, and misses like Gesh. So it explodes out front. Then several hover bikes fly bout of the hole now in the front door. they throw a tangler grenade at them but it misses the mark. (everyone seems to have problem with grenades today) They have no vehicle so are unable to pursue. So they check out the ware house. Its full of crates with ammunition, weapon parts, a hover bike, and drums of something. Well they start to check out the place and discover a bomb. Well they high tail it out of there. An explosion destroys the warehouse in a fiery blast. The characters decide to cut there losses and hail a cab. Returning to their hotel.

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