Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Some of the Flora and Fauna of Perdidit Mundo

    I've decided to do the Perdidt Mundo setting using Onedice (pulp specifically) as the system. As to why? Why not? Its fun and fast, at least I think so. Your milage may vary. But in the spirit of that I stated up some things. So without further a-due, my little bestiary so to speak.

Garrote Vine
S3 C0 Q2 H9 D6 Mv0 SK- Dmg 2, and 1 every round after unless Moderate hazard (Strong) roll is made. XP20
    Garrote vines are a predatory vine rooted in the hot steamy jungles. Sensing movement they lash out grappling unwary prey. COnstricting, strangling, and crushing the unfortunate till it dies. Its rotting corpse leaching nutrients into the ground to feed the plant.

Iron Jaw
S3 C0 Q1 H12 D7 Mv0 Sk- Dmg 3, and 1 every round after unless Moderate hazard (Strong) roll is made. XP25
    Tron Jaws are active hunters. It appears to be a strange palm tree. With a almost woven looking trunk crowned with many branches that jut upward from the trunk. Each ending in a large frond with a hinged woody center. When prey approaches the one of the branches through powerful capillary reflexes, thrusts downward. Trapping the prey in the jaws of the frond. The seemingly benign leaves cutting like knives. It then begins to produce acid to dissolve the prey trapped in the frond.

Carnivorous Ape
S6 C1 Q3 H16 D10 Mv30 SK Bruiser 2 Dmg 4 XP135
    Large Gorillas whose diet also includes meat.

Dire Wolf
S4 C1 Q4 H14 D12 Mv40 SK SK Bite(Strong) 3 Dmg 3 Survival 1 Track 2 XP50
    Very large wolf that typically preys on megaherbivores.

Sabre Tooth Tiger
S4 C1 Q4 H14 D12 Mv40 SK Bite (Strong) 3 Dmg 3 CLaw (Strong) 2 Dmg 2 Track 2 Climb 1 XP55
    Large member of the cat family, with distinctive large "sabre" fangs.

    S3 C1 Q4 H10 D10 Mv40 Sk Bite (Strong) 3 Dmg 3 Claw 2 Dmg 2 XP45
    Large flightless predatory bird. With a powerful beak that can cut like a pair of hydraulic shears.

Woolly Mammoth
S9 C2 Q2 H40 D10 Mv30 Sk Stomp (Strong) 1 Dmg 8 Tusk (Strong) 1 Dmg 8 Survival 2 SP HUge XP300
    Large hairy pachyderms, that travel and live in herds.

S6 C1 Q6 H12 D7 Mv60 Sk Bite (strong) 2 Dmg 3 SP Fly XP125
    Large flying dinosaurs. They posses beak like jaws with sharp teeth. The heads and bodies are covered with hair like filaments known as pycnofibers. The males especially tend to have brightly colored crests on their head.

S12 C1 Q5 H40 D12 Mv50 Sk Bite (Strong) 5 Dmg 10 Tracking 2 SP Huge XP800
    One of the largest predator ever known. They are powerful creatures featuring a massive head, balanced by a long heavy tail. The back of the head, back, top of the tail, and the backs of the limbs are covered with feathers. The rest of the body is covered with mosaic scales.

S9 C1 Q1 H60 D10 Mv10 Sk Stomp (Strong) 1 Dmg 15 SP Huge XP400
   Enormous quadrupedal herbivores, that like the mammoth travel and life in large family herds.

S10 C1 Q2 H40 D10 Mv30 Sk Gore (Strong) 1 Dmg 10 SP Huge XP300
   Large herd herbivores.

S4 C2 Q4 H10 D12 Mv40 Sk Bite (Strong) 3 Dmg 3 Claw (Strong) 3 Dmg 3 Track 2 SP Leap XP 125
    A bipedal, feathered carnivore with a long tail and an enlarged sickle shaped claw on each hind foot. Smart pack hunters.

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