Tuesday, August 16, 2016


    Perdidt Mundo being a nexus of time space. Things, places, and people occasionally appear. Or even more rarely disappear. These things are enter through hidden entrances, or just random portals to Perdidt Mundo. A place in the real/normal world that is particularly active is the bermuda triangle. Active is a relative term. As hundreds to thousands of vessels, and such travel through the area with no event. Others may encounter freak, strange storms, or weird events. Or even more rarely be transported to Perdidt Mundo.

    An example of this is the disappearance of the USS Cyclops a proteus class collier. Disappearing from the known world on March 4th 1918. Reappearing on the Great Lycian Lake. Ground on a sandbar near shore. Its serves as the home of the remaining sailors. Having adapted to this strange new world.
    Now referred to the Cyclopsians. They number roughly 150 men, women, and children. They roughly maintain the hierarchy of the ship with the captain being the leader. Adopting some of the customs and ways of the land. Some have even taken wives from the local native tribe who lives on the shore of the lake, They are dressed in a combination of their remaining clothes, and skins and cloth sewn to resemble their old uniforms. Mostly armed with knives, hooks, and axes. They save the small amount of remaining ammunition for their limited smallarms for extreme situations. Including the ship's four, 100mm guns.
    While allied with the local native tribe. They are at odds with the nearby lizardman tribe, Gens Autem Anguilla. Or as the crew refers to them "Scaleys".

Typical Cyclops crew member
Combat 3, Everything Else 3, Defence 8, Move20, X 25
Typically armed with a knife (Dmg 1) or a gaff hook (Dmg 1)

Captain Sylvanus Antony
S 3, C 2, Q 2, H 6, D 6, Mv 20, Sk Bruiser 3, Command (Clever) 2, Navigation (Clever) 1, Shiphandling (Clever) 2, Intimidate (Strong) 1, Shooting (Clever) 1, SP Body of Bronze, X45
    The former first mate, taking over after the death of the original Captain. Captain Antony is a hard man, but fair. Trying to make the best of their situation. Keeping the crew together and organized.

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